With Just His Guitar and a Backpack, Kip Moore Plots His Next Adventure

As 2019 winds down, country hitmaker Kip Moore is plotting his next globetrotting adventure. Always one to seek thrills, whether…


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December 18, 2019

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Kip Moore; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As 2019 winds down, country hitmaker Kip Moore is plotting his next globetrotting adventure.

Always one to seek thrills, whether it be rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding or surfing, Moore has his sights set on a Christmas break that has him crisscrossing the map.

“I’m getting a van in Central America and I’m a do the whole coastline, try to do a lot of the coastline.” the Georgia native recently revealed to Country Now and other media. “I might make my way down in to South America. I don’t know yet.”

Moore’s tentative plans have him all over, from Central and South America to Whistler, British Columbia and maybe even Colorado and Hawaii.

The “She’s Mine” singer says he doesn’t roll with any kind of itinerary, he just wings it. He also does it all on his own with minimal supplies.

“You would be mind-blown to see what I bring with me. I have this mini, it’s a mini it’s not even like as big as a regular school backpack… It’s like a mini little ruka backpack,” he explained. “That’ll be all I take for the month and a half that I do Central America. That’s it.”

As for supplies, Moore brings only the essentials: his guitar and a backpack.

“I have a pair of Vans on when I leave the house. I’ll have board shorts and a t-shirt and I’ve got a couple more t-shirts and then a few fins for the change out on my boards. And that’s pretty much it. Then like a few books in the backpack and that’s it,” he said.

After playing more than 40 sold-out shows on his Room To Spare: Acoustic Tour, Moore is more than ready to go off the grid. And that’s exactly what he plans to do. The singer/songwriter said he usually doesn’t even take the time to check in with anyone back home and sometimes goes days without turning on his phone.

“Whenever I have Wi-Fi, I’ll cut it on and I’ll see what’s going on and then it goes back off. But sometimes I’ll go two or three days without it, and then I might have it two days in a row and then I won’t for four days. And just works like that,” he shared. “I love it. I read a lot. I catch up on a lot of reading when I’m down there for sure.”

Although Moore admits he has gotten into a few “sticky situations” on his journeys, he doesn’t let the fear of what could happen to him stand in his way.

“I think sometimes that’s in the back of your mind,” he admitted, “But I don’t think it controls my thoughts though.”

With no scheduled tour dates on his calendar until March 17, 2020 there’s no telling where Kip Moore might end up.

“I don’t have a plan on my phone. I purposely don’t ever get a plan when I go to other countries. I like that.”

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