Lady Antebellum Promises ‘Honest’ And ‘Authentic’ New Album

As fans anxiously await the release of Lady Antebellum’s next album, the trio is opening up about their new project,…


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July 16, 2019

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Lady Antebellum; Photo by John Shearer

As fans anxiously await the release of Lady Antebellum’s next album, the trio is opening up about their new project, revealing it will be their most honest collection of songs to date.

Lady A’s Charles Kelley held nothing back when discussing the band’s new album and even revealed some of the struggles he and his bandmates faced prior to making it.

“We really did have, there for a little moment, a tough time,” Kelley admitted. “We’ve got all these kids, all this responsibility, we’re all going through these changes and kind of having that moment of like, ‘gosh man, have we accomplished everything we’re gonna accomplish?’

During this time, Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood did some self-reflection and ended up forming a stronger bond than ever.

“The three of us did some healing and got together and got so close,” Kelley shared. “We feel like we’ve finally been writing again from a really honest place.”

Working through those tough times led Lady Antebellum to record an album that just might be their best yet.

“There’s definitely some layers that people, when they hear this record, are gonna be like, ‘Wow.’’  There’s some deeper stuff in there, and even some dark stuff things that we went through,” he shared. “It just feels like a good refreshing time to get some new perspective and let’s see where we can go, let’s take some chances. We don’t have to always be the biggest thing in the world but I want to rest my head and go, ‘Man, we put out something bold and took some chances and it really reacted.’”

Scott agreed, adding, “It was really authentic.”

Haywood believes another key to the creation of their new album is the fact that they didn’t feel rushed when making it.

“For this album, we were very intentional about leaving a lot of time for the creative. I mean we worked in Nashville, we wrote since the Heartbreak came out, so about two years’ worth of writing, two years’ worth of material and pitches,” he explained. “So there was really a pool of 60 plus songs that we were looking at for this album. And when you have that much time it just makes the music so much better, I think. So we didn’t feel rushed at all on the creative.”

Lady Antebellum’s forthcoming record marks the trio’s first release with Big Machine Label Group’s BMLG Records. The yet-to-be-titled album is expected to release later this year, following the recent debut of its emotional lead single, “What If I Never Get Over You.”

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