Lauren Alaina Embraces Family Time During Quarantine

Lauren Alaina; Photo by Adria Malcolm/Getty Images
Lauren Alaina; Photo by Adria Malcolm/Getty Images

Like all of us, Lauren Alaina is laying low, or practicing social distancing, during the current outbreak of coronavirus. Trying to make the most of her time at home, the singer is enjoying quite a bit of bonding time with her father.

In a video clip shared to Instagram, the pair joined forces for a sweet rendition of Alaina’s latest single, “Getting Good.” Sharing a timely message about living in the moment and focusing on what you have, rather than what you don’t, Alaina belted out the chorus of the heartfelt song while her dad picked the guitar alongside her.

“The best thing about this quarantine is getting to spend it with my daddy,” Alaina captioned the video clip. “He’s my favorite guitar player in the whole wide world. He’s been playing for me since I was a little girl singing in restaurants in Rossville, Georgia. We are learning to soak up every moment because our lives are already good.”

“Getting Good” was written by Emily Weisband and produced by David Garcia.

Lauren Alaina recently wrapped her first headlining tour and released a new six-song EP earlier this month. She also just wrapped her time on Blake Shelton’s Friends and Heroes Tour, which was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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