Listen To Kane Brown’s New Single, ‘Cool Again’

“Cool Again” has the potential to be Brown’s biggest hit yet.


Lauren Jo Black

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April 23, 2020

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Kane Brown; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Kane Brown just dropped a breezy new summertime single: “Cool Again.”

The song finds the superstar “going crazy” over an ex, wishing that things could go back to the way they were when they were together.

“‘Cause I just wanna be cool again, cool again, cool again/ Like we were last summer/ Want you again, you again, you again/ To be stealin’ my covers/ All those tangled in each other nights/ Still playing back in my head/ I just wanna be cool again, cool again, cool again, yeah,” he sings on the chorus.

Brown, who co-wrote the song with Josh Hoge, Matthew McGinn and Lindsay Rimes, recently shared that “Cool Again” was originally inspired by a breakup, but added that it has taken on a whole new meaning under the current circumstances.

“It was about you just wanted to be with a girl or with a boy that you had last summer and everything was fine and now it’s not,” he explained, adding, “But, in today’s terms, it’s a whole new song for me because it’s like you just want everything to go back how it was- other than this quarantine.”

He continued, “You know, like the summer you used to have, being able to hang out with your friends. The whole song has changed for me.”

Co-produced by Dann Huff and Lindsay Rimes, “Cool Again” is the follow-up to Brown’s chart-topping single, “Homesick,” which became his fifth consecutive N0.1 single earlier this year.

Click above to listen to the brand new song.

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