Luke Bryan Chops As Many Onions As He Can While Answering Questions

Luke Bryan; Photos via Facebook
Luke Bryan; Photos via Facebook
Luke Bryan; Photos via Facebook

Luke Bryan is up for all the challenges this month.

After attempting to sing 100 country songs in 10 minutes, the superstar is now trying to chop as many onions as possible within 10 minutes while answering “burning” questions from the website Delish.

The “One Margarita” singer revealed how many cowboy boots he owns, the food you’d always find in his fridge, the last time he cried, the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning and so much more while chopping a bowl full of large onions. He was able to hold out for the full 10 minutes and ended up chopping an impressive five onions before the clock ran out.

“This all of a sudden went to another level,” he jokes as the smell of the onions begins to get to him.

Click below to watch the hilarious clip.

Bryan’s latest album, BORN HERE LIVE HERE DIE HERE, featuring the chart-topping hits, “One Margarita,” “What She Wants Tonight” and “Knockin’ Boots” is out now.

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