Luke Bryan Is Less Than Impressed With Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean’s Farming Skills — But it’s All in Good Fun

In his new Rise Before Sunrise video series — a partnership with Fendt — Luke Bryan doles out farm-related thoughts…


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July 21, 2021

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Luke Bryan; Photo Courtesy Fendt, AGCO

In his new Rise Before Sunrise video series — a partnership with Fendt — Luke Bryan doles out farm-related thoughts and pieces of advice, all before the sun comes up, from behind the wheel of his Fendt 724 Gen6 tractor.

In between his pre-dawn words of wisdom, the singer also took the opportunity to sneak in some good-natured jabs at his fellow country stars. Jason Aldean, for example, is one celebrity Bryan would never let drive his tractor — “Jason likes tequila too much to be on this tractor,” he reasons — and he also threw a little shade at Blake Shelton, saying, “No question I’m a better farmer than Blake.”

But during a recent press event to promote his partnership with Fendt, Bryan assured Country Now and other outlets that all those jokes are in good fun.

“Blake’s been busy getting married, and Jason….he’s somewhere on a beach, probably,” Bryan said with a giggle, when asked if his fellow stars had confronted him yet about his harsh words. “Hey, that’s the beauty of me and Blake’s relationship. All we do is jab each other. So we can all take it — whatever they come back with at me, it’s a never-ending cycle.”


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Plus, he points out, all three singers — Shelton, Aldean and Bryan — have put out great country songs about farming and rural living over the years. “We’ve all done songs about being outside, being on our tractors and stuff. It’s a very important part of country music,” he adds.

“As artists, we’re proud of our farming roots and we’re proud of our fans,” Bryan continues. “We know that our fans out there are hard-working farmers, too. Anytime we can make music…we love speaking to our fans that way. Especially myself.”

Bryan will connect with his fans on an even deeper level this fall when he resumes his annual Farm Tour, which had to pause in 2020. The singer says more than perhaps any other kind of show he performs, the Farm Tour shows feel “real,” giving him a chance to meet his fans on their own home turf.


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“I’m just excited to be bringing it to the farms, to the people in rural areas. I remember being a kid growing up in a rural area — you know, George Strait never really came to my town, or all those heroes of mine,” he explains. “So the fact that we can take these things right to the people is really special.”

In the meantime, Bryan will continue to air his Rise Before Sunrise series throughout the summer, documenting some of the moments he spends on his own Tennessee plot of land. That’s one of the places where he feels the most at home — and the singer says when he’s picking out songs to listen to on his tractor, he finds himself going back to his roots.

“Gotta do some Alan Jackson on your tractor playlist,” Bryan replies, when asked about his favorite music to listen to when he’s working on the farm. “You know, when I’m on my tractor, I revert back to being a kid and always listen to….well, you gotta do a little Alabama on the tractor. And you know what? Probably Joe Diffie. Let’s throw one up there to ol’ Joe Diffie.”

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