Luke Bryan’s Two Lane Lager Is LeClaire-Approved

Luke Bryan Two Lane Lager
Luke Bryan; Photo by Country Now
Luke Bryan Two Lane Lager
"The best part about it is my mother has signed off on liking it," Bryan said.

Country superstar Luke Bryan has admittedly consumed quite a bit of beer in his lifetime, and now, he doesn’t have to worry about buying a case of beer ever again because he has his very own beer with his name on it.

The four-time Entertainer of the Year teamed up with Constellation Brands, the leading brewer and producer of high-end beer, wine and spirits, to create Two Lane American Golden Lager. The new beer is brewed with high-quality, American-grown ingredients and is easy pop open and enjoy. 

Bryan sat down with Country Now and other members of the press to chat about his new endeavor on Thursday (Feb. 20) and revealed just how involved he was in the process of creating the beer, right down to the brand name, the logo and artwork on the cans.

“One of the big critical things I noticed on the can [was that] there were birds flying over the field and they were seagulls and I said, ‘those need to be ducks,'” he recalled. The following day, there was a new rendering of the can with three ducks and Bryan was ready to sign off.

“You would be amazed at how many variations [there were], cause this isn’t like a tour tee-shirt. You put a tour tee shirt out there and it doesn’t resonate, doesn’t sell like you want to, well then you get rid of it and take it off,” he explained. “But this is something that once we get it out there, this is going to live forever.”

Bryan has received nothing but positive feedback about Two Lane Lager from his friends and family, but he said the most important stamp of approval came from his mom, LeClaire.

“The best part about it is my mother has signed off on liking it. The most prolific beer drinker I’ve ever met. We tallied it up, she’s had 87,000 beers in her life,” he joked. “That was a rough estimate, but probably pretty damn close. I’m sorry mom, but it’s the truth.”

As members of the media laughed, he took some responsibility for her love of beer, admitting, “I guess that’s what happens when you raise me you have to drink a couple of beers a night.”

Fans in the Southeast – Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia – will be able to get their hands on Two Lane American Golden Lager beginning March 2.

Also that day, Bryan will most definitely be found at his local grocer to pick up a few cans himself.

“Trust me, when I’m shopping at a supermarket in the Southeast, I’m going to swing by the beer aisle and check out if there’s a bunch of it on the shelf, if there’s none on the shelf,” he laughed. “If they’re running out, then I’ll be getting on the phone with somebody!”

Luke Bryan will release his long-awaited new album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Hereon April 24. Shortly after the release of the album, Bryan will embark on his Proud To Be Right Here Tour, which kicks off May 28 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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