Luke Combs Debuts Music Video For New Single, ‘The Kind Of Love We Make’

Luke Combs debuted the music video for his new single, “The Kind Of Love We Make” Friday (Jun. 17). The…


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June 19, 2022


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Luke Combs; The Kind Of Love We Make

Luke Combs debuted the music video for his new single, “The Kind Of Love We Make” Friday (Jun. 17).

The video follows an elderly couple who are still madly in love with each other after years together. It also showcases flashbacks of what is presumed to be the same couple in the beginning days of their relationship as they navigate their careers as a firefighter and a paramedic. Performance shots of Combs inside a fire station–and later a truck–are intercut with the overarching storyline.

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The video was produced by TA Films and directed by Tyler Adams. A local fire department in Dickson, Tennessee served as the video’s backdrop.

“The Kind Of Love We Make” is Combs’ latest single from his third studio album, Growin’ Up, which is due out on Jun. 24. Combs wrote the song with Dan and Reid Isbell and Jamie Davis. 

In reacting to the writing process behind the song, Combs said “The Kind Of Love We Make” wound up being a tune that “wrote itself.”

“I wrote this song in Montana with Dan and Reid Isbell and my guitar tech Jamie Davis, who used to be in a band with Dan,” Combs explained in a statement. “I met Jamie through Dan. Jamie had the idea, and Dan and Reid brought it to me and I thought it was a killer melody. It ended up being one of those songs that wrote itself. Dan, Reid and I are all having kids within a month of each other, so maybe this song had something to do with that,” he added.

The sultry song also represents a different, more mature side of Combs.

In speaking with the New York Times ahead of his album release, Combs shared that he’s in a “transitional phase” of his career. 

“Let’s say This One’s for You is the record a lot of people that like me fell in love with,” Combs told the Times. “If I put out an album that’s completely different, those people are like, ‘I bought this grape Gatorade and now it tastes like limes.’ But I also don’t want to put out the same record seven or eight times.”

“I’m in this transitional phase where there are days that I’m like, ‘I could crush 100 beers tonight at a bar and play for five hours,’” he continued. “Other nights, I don’t want to get off the couch. I want to hang with my wife and get ready to have this kid.”

Aside from getting ready to release his new album, Combs is also gearing up for another important milestone: fatherhood. He and wife Nicole are preparing to welcome their first child, a son, this month.

Combs first teased his new song, “The Kind Of Love We Make” via an Instagram video back in October 2021.

The song will impact country radio on Jun. 21.

In addition to releasing his new album and welcoming his son, Combs will hit the road on tour this fall.

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