Maddie & Tae Release Long-Awaited Sophomore Album, ‘The Way It Feels’

Maddie & Tae; Photo by Nolan Feldpausch
Maddie & Tae; Photo by Nolan Feldpausch
Maddie & Tae; Photo by Nolan Feldpausch

It’s been four years since Maddie & Tae released their debut album. Since then, the duo’s Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye have experienced many life changes. They’ve grown up, lived a lot of life, written hundreds of songs and changed record labels. On top of that, Dye experienced heartbreak and later found new love with singer/songwriter Josh Kerr who would soon become her husband, while Marlow married her highschool sweetheart. All of this and more is documented on the duo’s long-awaited sophomore album, The Way It Feels.

The 15-track project, which dropped on Friday (April 10), finds the duo reflecting on everything that life has thrown at them through the years.

“I think something that Maddie and I want to say through our songs, especially in this new chapter of life is that we’ve lived a lot of life in the past couple of years, but no matter what phase we’ve gone through, we always want to have that self-confidence and self-awareness to just go through any type of chapter life throws at us,” Dye explains. “We’ve had some ups and downs, but through it all we’ve just stayed ourselves and we’ve stayed true to our songwriting. And I think a lot of people are going to learn that about us, if they didn’t know it already, and hopefully love it.”

What’s not to love about The Way It Feels? The album takes fans on a true rollercoaster of emotions, from the poignant “Die From A Broken Heart,” to the powerful “Water In His Wineglass,” to the confident “Bathroom Floor.” This album is Maddie & Tae at their best and was without a doubt worth the wait.

On Tuesday, April 14 at 12pm CT Maddie and Tae will go live on Facebook and YouTube to chat with fans about the new album. Until then, The Way It Feels is available to purchase and stream online.

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