Michael Ray Chronicles the Pain of His Parents’ Divorce In New Music Video

Michael Ray; Photo via YouTube
Michael Ray; Her World or Mine

Michael Ray is re-living his parents’ painful divorce as well as the death of his grandmother in the just-released music video for his latest single, “Her World or Mine.”

The cinematic clip chronicles real-life situations Ray endured as a child of divorce and shows how the death of his grandmother brought them together.

“I wanted to tell the story of my parents’ divorce and that part of my life – the confusion and the fact that it wasn’t easy for a while. And losing my grandparents was a massive hit, not only to me, but my whole family,” Ray shared in a statement.

The music video features actor Chad Michael Murray in the role of Ray’s father. The pair struck up a friendship after meeting at the CMT Music Awards several years ago.

“This song touched me. It’s my favorite, personally,” Murray said. “Watching the song play and seeing everybody react and seeing them go through their own honest memories is trippy. It’s really fun to watch.”

“It’s so relatable and it deals with so many issues that everybody’s going through,” continued Murray. “You’re going to see so many people come up to you and say, ‘That’s my song.’ And it will be for different reasons because they went through different trials and tribulations to get them there. That’s what’s cool about it.”

“Her World or Mine” was written by Brett Beavers, Travis Denning and Jamie Paulin. The song is featured on Ray’s 11-track album, Amos. Michael Ray may not have written the song but says it’s “the reason I got into country music.”

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