Mickey Guyton and Kane Brown Deliver a Dazzling Performance in Just-Released ‘Nothing Compares To You’ Music Video

In the clip, Guyton and Brown step into the spotlight, transitioning from background singers to the stars of the show.


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September 7, 2023

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Mickey Guyton, Kane Brown – Nothing Compares To You Music Video

Mickey Guyton and Kane Brown brought their collaborative single “Nothing Compares To You” to life with a new music video. 

Directed by Alex Alvga, the video showcases Guyton and Brown portraying the roles of two background singers who finally have the chance to step into the spotlight when the headliner is a no-show. 

Kane Brown; Nothing Compares To You Music Video
Kane Brown; Nothing Compares To You Music Video
Mickey Guyton; Nothing Compares To You Music Video
Mickey Guyton; Nothing Compares To You Music Video

Viewers see the story unfold as the pair transitions from working behind the bar and mopping the floors to backup singers. They ultimately become the stars of the show when the opportunity to take center stage presents itself. 

At first, the audience in the clip appears to be confused when they take the stage, but once Mickey Guyton and Kane Brown begin to sing, it’s clear that they deserve to be in the spotlight.

At the conclusion of the video, the artists earn cheers and applause from the audience, signifying a job well done.   

The tender love song made its debut on July 14.

“I’m so excited to share my new song ‘Nothing Compares To You’ that features my brother Kane Brown,” Guyton wrote at the time. “I’ve always been such a big fan of Kane and his work, and I felt like this was the perfect song for us to collaborate on. Grateful for the talented writers Tyler Hubbard, Bebe Rexha and Jordan Schmidt for trusting us with this song.”

The tune finds the pair trading verses before joining together on the chorus in perfect harmony. They illustrate the power of love through the lyrics which details the unique connection between two individuals, expressing the sentiment that nothing can compare to the love they share.

“Take all my Friday and Saturday nights / Take all the things that you know that I like / If I ain’t got you, baby / Nothing will do, baby / ‘Cause nothing compares / Nothing compares / Take my money and all of my time / All of my favorite songs that I write / If I ain’t got you, baby / Nothing will do, baby / ‘Cause nothing compares / Nothing compares to you,” Guyton and Brown sing on the chorus.

The collaboration between these two powerhouse artists is destined to resonate with fans around the world.

“Nothing Compares To You,” which was co-written by Tyler Hubbard, Bebe Rexha and Jordan Schmidt, is a tune that Guyton connected with immediately after hearing the song the first time.

“[The song] definitely reminds me of the beginning of our relationship, and it’s definitely reminding me of us now in our relationship,” Guyton shared of the track during a recent interview on Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country. ”I mean, we had some really hard years in our relationship, about the second to the seventh year of our relationship. It was some really, really, really trying times, girl… We almost did not make it. And now that I fought through that, and now that we have this beautiful son, just the love that I have for this man is just like… It’s unconditional.”

Mickey Guyton, Kane Brown; Photo Courtesy of Joseph Llanes
Mickey Guyton, Kane Brown; Photo Courtesy of Joseph Llanes

Produced by Hubbard and Schmidt, the soulful country love song impacted country radio on August 7. 

During the interview with Kelleigh Bannen, Guyton also revealed how the pair met for the first time.

“The first time I actually met [Kane] was through Zoom when we did this interview for Billboard Magazine,” she explained. “He’s a shy guy, he doesn’t say much. And then at the very end, he was just like, ‘It’s just really cool that there’s people out there that have had similar experiences that I have had, that I don’t necessarily always get to talk about.’ And that was just so profound for me and just he is a person. What he does is… And behind the scenes, nobody knows. He’s a great person.”

She also went on to detail that she has always been a fan of Brown.

“I was just a fan of Kane for a while, when he first started jumping on the scene through his Instagram videos,” Guyton continued. “I just remember the town talking about him. And it wasn’t always nice, if you want me to be perfectly frank, because Nashville has a very Nashville way and we weren’t used to seeing people get this huge following and build from the ground up in that way and that’s what he did.”

Guyton’s collaboration with Brown marks her first radio single of 2023. “Nothing Compares To You” follows the release of her Grammy-nominated debut album, Remember Her Name, which featured “All American,” “Love My Hair,” “Black Like Me” and more.

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