Miranda Lambert Has Plans To ‘Change It Up’ On New Album

Miranda Lambert; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Miranda Lambert; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Miranda Lambert; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Her new project will have a "little rock vibe to it."

As the anticipation for Miranda Lambert’s new album continues to build, the singer is sharing even more details about the project with fans.

Prior to taking the stage at Country Lakeshake over the weekend, Lambert spoke with Rolling Stone and revealed that she’s taking her music in a bit of a new direction.

One of the biggest changes Lambert made for the new project is working with a new producer. After parting ways with her longtime producer, Frank Liddell, Lambert developed “some new chemistry” with Jay Joyce, who has worked with a number of artists in Nashville, including Eric Church and Little Big Town.

“It was a change, but I wanted to go in a different direction for this one than I have in the past because I feel like I was in a new place,” the newlywed confessed, adding, “Sometimes you have to change it up.”

Always one to create raw, honest music, Lambert said that her new album will once again reflect where she’s at in her life.

“I think that everything in my life in the last year has weaved itself in,” she shared. “Taking a break from the road. This the first time I will be on stage for a full show in a while, which is a good feeling. I have been spending time in New York and I got married and I’m happy, and working with Jay, that all brought a really new phase and sound for Miranda Lambert.”

While there is no set release date for the record, Lambert hopes to have it out as soon as possible, potentially this fall.

“If it takes any longer than that, I’m going to go crazy,” Lambert said. “I just turned it in, but I was calling the label yesterday being like, “What do you think? When are we doing this? What’s the single?” After you sit on a record for a while you get this energy. You’ve been writing and recording and it has this energy and you just are ready for the world to hear it.”

Lambert also took time to chat about her all-female Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour 2019, kicking off September 13.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision for it to be all girls,” she explained. “It was just, who are you loving and what’s cool right now? And who is available? There are all these factors when you put a tour together. I started naming artists and I thought, maybe it would be cool to do all girls because Maren is inspiring me, she’s kicking ass. And I love Elle King. Then thinking about new artists, I always try and bring a young female singer-songwriter, so then having Caylee Hammack and Tenille Townes, who are all beasts in their own way. It came together organically.”

Lambert’s forthcoming album will be the follow-up to 2016’s The Weight of These Wings.

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