Mitchell Tenpenny Debuts ‘Bucket List’ Music Video

At the start of 2021, Mitchell Tenpenny released his new song, “Bucket List,” to encourage others to start making the…


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January 27, 2021


2:29 pm

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Mitchell Tenpenny; Photo by Tristan Cusick

At the start of 2021, Mitchell Tenpenny released his new song, “Bucket List,” to encourage others to start making the most of each day. And now, Riser House/Columbia Nashville singer is bringing the inspirational song to life with a captivating new music video. 

The Nashville native co-wrote “Bucket List” with Chris DeStefano and Laura Veltz back in 2019; however, the events of 2020 brought a new meaning to the song. Tenpenny lost his uncle due to the virus, a loss which was extremely devastating to him. While struggling with grief, the artist also realized the importance of living each day to the fullest, and to “love a little more, dream a little deeper.”

“I don’t know if it’s even hit our family yet,” Tenpenny shared with People. “It’s crazy how things happen out of nowhere. After my dad passed away (in 2014), I really leaned on my uncle. And now, he’s gone.”

YouTube video

Tenpenny now has a new perspective on life and embraces it fully in his new song. 

“We all have our own version of what a bucket list is. So, we all started talking about things we wanted to get done before we cross everything off of our list, you know? I sang it that day, but then I lived with it for a while. But it became this song that my manager kept bringing up, so here we are,” he said with a laugh. “It was written for this time, even though it wasn’t written in this time.”

The “Bucket List” music video was filmed in Arizona before the holidays. While working on the video, Tenpenny was able to knock a few off his own bucket list – visiting Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Lake Powell. Mitchell described the making of the video as unforgettable.

“It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life,” he shared. “We got to see so many things I’ve never had the chance to stop and take in during this video. I can watch this video for the rest of my life and remember those moments.” 

Click above to watch the “Bucket List” music video. 

Mitchell Tenpenny’s current single, “Broken Up,” is at country radio now. 

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