New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

Over the years, country music has evolved. Artists have gotten more innovative, mixing together different sounds and styles and widening…


Melinda Lorge

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June 2, 2021

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Travis Denning, Cassadee Pope, Michael Ray, Lily Rose

Over the years, country music has evolved. Artists have gotten more innovative, mixing together different sounds and styles and widening the demographic of listeners even more.

Some artists have expertly blended country and rock influences, while others incorporate R&B elements into their country sound. Then there’s country-pop, and traditional country music, along with so many other variations, which have made the genre quite broad compared to other genres.

But, at country music’s core, all artists seem to have one thing in common. They sing storytelling songs about real-life experiences, which connect with listeners everywhere.

That’s why Country Now is sharing another set of songs you need to hear. 

From songs about diving into family photos and recalling old memories to tunes about carving a path to success after years of hard work, here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

“Picture” – Michael Ray

Ray reminds listeners to not only appreciate the ones they love but also to make the most of every day in his sentimental track, “Picture.” Ray, who co-penned “Picture” with HARDY and David Garcia, was inspired to write the song in honor of his late uncle, Terry, who passed away in June of 2020. A relatable message, the lyrics of the country ballad find Ray reflecting on fond memories after looking through old family photos.

“One day, we’re barefoot, young, and alive / The next, we’re a story in a three-by-five / That somebody’s sure glad to havе / ‘Cause time makes it hard to rеmember / So take every snapshot while you can / Tell ’em that you love ’em while you got the chance / Make sure that you take it in / ‘Cause one day, all you’re gonna have with them / Is a picture, yeah,” he sings.

Stream the track HERE.

“What The Stars See” — Cassadee Pope featuring Karen Fairchild and Lindsay Ell

Listeners can find Pope staying true to the pop-punk sound she has always been known for in her latest single, “What The Stars See,” featuring Karen Fairchild and Lindsay Ell. Pope and Fairchild take turns singing the verses that have them longing to know what a wishy-washy love interest has been up to. Elle, meanwhile, shows off her killer guitar skills, making the song an ultimate girl power anthem.

“I was inspired to write ‘What The Stars See’ after sitting outside one night looking up at the stars, curious what their perspective might be looking down on us,” Pope said of the track in a recent press release. “It made me think back to times in my life when I had just come out of a relationship but still felt so connected to the other person. I imagined having the superpower to be among the stars and observe, from their perspective, an ex moving on with their life (or not).”

Stream the track HERE.

“Call It Country” – Travis Denning

The Georgia-born, rising country star showcases his southern pride in his latest, feel-good, high-energy track, “Call It Country.” Undoubtedly made for big arena stages, “Call It Country” finds Denning singing over-amplified electric guitar riffs and a deep, thumping kick-drum, as he promises to crank up the Charlie Daniels while partying it up with friends.

Denning wrote the ultimate barn burner with songwriters Jessi Alexander and Chris Stevens. “Call It Country” follows Denning’s current radio single, “ABBY” (short for Anybody But You).

Stream the track HERE.

“Mama Prayed For” – Meghan Patrick

Several male artists have released songs that showcase them in a rebellious light. But, in “Mama Prayed For,” Patrick puts a fresh, female spin on the idea of being a little too “rough around the edges.” So much so that she’s sure her torn-up blue jeans and “Metallica t-shirt” won’t win the approval of her significant other’s mother. Despite not being embraced by her love interest’s mother, Patrick continues to fight for the man she loves.

“Can’t tell a heart what it can’t do / Love’s gonna love who it wants to / I’m yours, and baby, you’re all mine / You fell for rough around the edges / Got a thing for wild and reckless / Probably not what she had in mind / But God knows you’re the man I was made for / Even if I ain’t thе kind of girl your mama prayed for,” Patrick Sings the song she wrote with James McNair and Ben Stennis.

Stream the track HERE.

“Over All Over Again” – James Barker Band

The Canadian country quartet, consisting of James Barker, Taylor Abram, Connor Stephen, and Bobby Martin, manage to steal the hearts of females everywhere with their current heartbreak song, “Over All Over Again.” The uptempo tune has them singing all about being caught up in a moment and going out of their way to keep a love connection going, despite being the one who gets hurt every time.

“Over All Over Again” is the James Barker Band’s first release since signing on with Villa 40/Sony Music Nashville. The band has already built an incredible fan base and achieved massive success outside the U.S. with multiple Gold and Platinum-certified tracks.

Stream the track HERE.

“Overnight Sensation” – Lily Rose

“Overnight Sensation,” tells a story of finding musical success after putting in years of hard work and dedication. Rose, who recently signed on to a joint venture between Big Loud Records, Back Blocks Music, and Republic Records, wrote the song with Matt Morrisey, Morgan Brock, and Lauren Hungate based on the struggles they faced while on their own musical journeys.

“I honestly don’t know if there’s a more personal song in my arsenal than ‘Overnight Sensation.’ Who knew that when we wrote the song in 2019, it would be the ultimate foreshadowing of me signing a record deal because of a viral moment,” Rose, who previously turned heads with her song, “Villain,” said in a press release. “I’m lucky to have written it with some of my closest friends. Getting to share this moment with them is extremely special to me. I needed this song through all of the hard times in my career, and I hope it helps other people keep their foot on the gas.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Country Stuff (feat. Jake Owen)” – Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes and Jake Own offer up a feel-good call-and-response tune that fans can enjoy all summer long with the infectious “Country Stuff.” With plenty of twang and a dance-worthy beat, “Country Stuff” has the two artists chanting all of the country things they enjoy like, “mud tires,” “green tractors,” and “grits.”

Hayes drew inspiration for “Country Stuff” after doing plenty of country activities with his wife when the two were forced to stay at home in 2020. The track appears on Hayes’ upcoming EP of the same name and follows his previously released tracks, “I Hope You Miss Me” and “Make You Cry.”

Stream the track HERE.

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