New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

There’s absolutely no shortage of new music right now. With tour schedules halted due to the ongoing pandemic, artists have…


Lauren Jo Black

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October 16, 2020

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Meghan Patrick, Travis Denning, Kylie Morgan

There’s absolutely no shortage of new music right now.

With tour schedules halted due to the ongoing pandemic, artists have returned to the studio, creating an influx of new tunes.

It can be a bit overwhelming to sift through all of the new music releases, so let Country Now do it for you. Here are six new songs you need to hear right now.

“My First Car” – Meghan Patrick

An undeniable country hit, “My First Car” finds Meghan Patrick looking back on some of life’s pivotal moments such as her first drink, her first love, her first buck and most importantly, her first car, which was actually not a car at all.

“My first drink was a warm Busch Light/ And my first scar is from an old dirt bike/ My first love grew up on a farm/ My first buck is tattooed on my arm/ Yeah, I got it right, right outta the gate/ Five inch straight-pipe ’98/ Rolling coal Chevrolet, lifted up/ ‘Cause my first car was a pickup truck,” she sings on the chorus.

You’ll want to crank this one up.

Stream the track HERE.

“Goodyears” – Travis Denning

Already a fan-favorite, Travis Denning recently shared the nostalgic track “Goodyears,” which he co-wrote with Tony Martin and Cole Taylor. The song celebrates the simple things in life and will instantly have listeners missing the “Goodyears.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Wish You’d Miss Me” – Chase Wright

Country newcomer Chase Wright is turning heads with his breakout hit, “Wish You’d Miss Me.” The singer/songwriter channeled his real-life breakup into the emotional tune, making for the quintessential heartbreak ballad.

Stream the track HERE.

“Cuss A Little” – Kylie Morgan feat. Walker Hayes

This is a fun one! Rising star Kylie Morgan joins forces with her co-writer Walker Hayes on “Cuss A Little,” a tongue in cheek tune that offers an unfiltered look at Morgan’s personality.

Stream the track HERE.

“Where I Find God” – Larry Fleet

Larry Fleet’s new single, “Where I Find God” is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. The poignant tune finds Fleet soaking up life’s little moments and acknowledging God’s presence in them.

“From a bar stool to that Evinrude/ Sunday mornin’ in a church pew/ In a deer stand or a hay field/ An interstate back to Nashville/ In a Chevrolet with the windows down/ Me and Him just ridin’ around/ Sometimes, whether I’m lookin’ for Him or not/ That’s where I find God,” he sings on the chorus.

The music video, which features his wife and son, has already raked in over 7 million views.

Stream the track HERE.

“Lines” – Jay Allen

Jay Allen has a reputation for writing songs that come from the heart and his latest offering, “Lines,” is no different. The introspective tune finds Allen remembering lost loved ones and acknowledging how they helped shape him into the man he is today.

Stream the track HERE.

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