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When it comes to the country genre, one thing is for sure: there is always room for new music. And,…


Melinda Lorge

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March 17, 2021

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Ashley Cooke, Sean Stemaly, Caroline Jones, Shy Carter

When it comes to the country genre, one thing is for sure: there is always room for new music. And, as luck would have it, country artists everywhere have been consistently delivering new tracks each week that cover a range of topics that relate to listeners far and wide.

From songs that deal with heartbreak to songs about spreading joy and love to songs that showcase having independence, Country Now is here to disclose some of the most noteworthy tracks that may or may not already be on your radar.

Check out seven songs you should be listening to right now.

“Sunday Morning Kind of Saturday Night” – Ashley Cooke

Ashley Cooke puts a spiritual twist on heartbreak in her new uptempo single, “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night.” In the song, the singer/songwriter chooses to forgo the usual weekend party crowd in favor of FM hymns and firefly filled nights in an effort to figure out the best way to heal from a recent split.

“Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night,” which debuted at the top spot on iTunes’ Country Chart, is the first of three tracks to be released over the next few months via Back Blocks Music.

Stream the track HERE.

“Met Me Now” – Track 45

The country trio, comprised of siblings Jenna, Ben, and KK Johnson showcase their unmatched harmonies on their debut single, “Met Me Now.” The song, which is included on part two of Track 45’s debut EP Big Dreams, finds the group reminiscing over an old flame and wondering what could’ve been if the romance had blossomed later on in life.

“If you had met me now / I’d be on a highway with you / Sayin’ what I meant to / I’d never let you down,” Track 45 sings throughout the chorus. “I’d be holdin’ on to what we had / Instead of wanting it back / If I could find way / To rearrange the time somehow / If you had met me now / If you had met me now.”

Stream the track HERE.

“ABBY” – Travis Denning

The ACM New Male Artist Of The Year nominee gives the ultimate kiss-off to an ex-girlfriend in his unapologetic breakup anthem, “ABBY.” In the song, Denning compares his previous relationship to that of his current status with Abby.

But there’s a catch.

The letters in the song title don’t actually represent the name of a person, but rather the words, “Anybody But You,” as Denning lists all of the reasons why Abby (Anybody But You) is better as a partner than his ex. Written by Ashley Gorley, Matt Jenkins and Chase McGill, “Abby” follows Denning’s No. 1 single “After A Few.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Come In (But Don’t Make Yourself Comfortable)” – Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones effortlessly channels the sass in her newly released track, “Come In (But Don’t Make Yourself Comfortable).” The self-penned lead single from her forthcoming sophomore studio album, due out later this year, finds Jones giving her love interest a warning, and telling him that even though she’s invited him into her home, she can kick him out at any time.

“Come in / But don’t make yourself comfortable / ‘cause I don’t know / If I’m gonna like you for long / Come in / But park your truck facing out / ‘Cause I wouldn’t wanna be you / When I want you gone,” Jones sings.

Stream the track HERE.

“Truth Be Told” – Carly Pearce & Matthew West

Award-winning artists Carly Pearce and Matthew West trade verses on a stunning duet version of West’s No. 1 Christian hit, “Truth Be Told.” Bringing together their respective vocals on a song that shines a light on being transparent and honest, makes the ballad that much more pleasing to the ear.

“I’m honored to have Carly join me on this new version of ‘Truth Be Told,’” West shared in a recent press release. “Since her first single, ‘Every Little Thing,’ I’ve been a huge fan. There’s an honesty in her voice that convinces you she’s not just singing, she’s feeling every word she’s singing. It was a special thing to hear that same honest vocal delivery brought to this song about being honest. I’m so excited for the world to hear this duet.”

Stream the track Here.

“Hello, You Up” – Sean Stemaly

Sean Stemaly is looking to reconnect with an ex-girlfriend in his intoxicating heartbreak single, “Hello, You Up.” Written by John Byron and Jamie Moore, the catchy tune finds Stemaly nursing his wounds in a bottle of tequila before sharing that he’s just a phone call away from being back in the company of his former love interest.

“‘Hello, You Up’ is one of those songs you hear and actually feel,” Stemaly said of the tune in a recent press release. “I’ve been through it and millions of other people have too. We all have a hard time letting go sometimes when it comes to relationships; that’s why I cut this song. I can feel it when I play it. It’s got a contagious melody that kind of gets your mind off the fact that it’s a sad song, and I love that.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Good Love” – Shy Carter

Shy Carter focuses on the good in other people and the act of paying it forward in his uplifting track “Good Love.” An inspirational track, the song, which Carter wrote alongside Micah Carter, James Slater and Carlo Colasacco, has been featured in Hallmark Channel’s Spring Fling event trailer.

“You come around with that good love / Good love, good love / Make me feel like it’s alright / Make me believe in this good life / Yeah, you pick me up,” the singer/songwriter and producer, who is also behind hit songs like Kane Brown’s “Heaven” to Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away” sings in the inspirational track. “Good love, good love, good love / When I feel like I’m dying / You give me strength, help me find it / Yeah, that good, good love.”

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