Darius Rucker Creates a ‘Masterpiece’ with Latest Single

On March 22, Darius Rucker’s brand new single, “My Masterpiece” will hit country radio airwaves. Along with his 10th No….


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 17, 2021


9:12 am

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Darius Rucker; Photo by David McClister

On March 22, Darius Rucker’s brand new single, “My Masterpiece” will hit country radio airwaves. Along with his 10th No. 1 single, “Beers and Sunshine,” both tracks will be featured on Rucker’s forthcoming album.

The country superstar is off to a great start to this new year with the release of “My Masterpiece,” which was co-written by Rucker, Josh Osborne, J.T. Harding and Ross Copperman. The carefree song compares Rucker’s love for someone to a work of art, a masterpiece if you will. 

During a recent interview with his record label, Rucker shared insight into the writing process of “My Masterpiece” and how these artists came to work together. 

“I was having a writing session with the same guys I wrote “Beers and Sunshine” with, and they were talking about just, well, I think it was John that said he heard me on a radio station talking about what I was doing… I said I was trying to learn to play piano and they asked if I could play, and I said, ‘I can’t play like Ray Charles.’ And that just stuck in his head and that was the idea that he had. And we went in, and it was another one of those songs that really, with when you think about all of the great masterpieces in the world, it was great to write that song and come up with another song that I love.”

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In addition to releasing a new single, Rucker has also been named “Southerner of the Year” by Southern Living Magazine. The country artist has taken the time to work with organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, for which he was able to raise over $2 million after a visit that prompted his want to help. Through $3.2 million worth of donations from the Hootie & the Blowfish Foundation, Rucker was able to assist in providing support for public education and junior golf in South Carolina. These are just a few of the generous efforts Rucker has been able to participate in. 

“When my manager called and told me that I was named ‘Southerner of the Year,’ I thought he was pranking me again. [I] Couldn’t believe it, I was very humbled and prideful at the same time,” Rucker shared in an interview with Southern Living Magazine. 

Rucker continued to explain that even though he knows he was awarded the honor because of his charitable work, he doesn’t do it for the recognition. 

“I don’t do them for awards or anything; I do them just because I like to help people.”

With hope and joy in his voice, Rucker told the publication that he hopes to “stay relevant in Country music, just for a little while longer.”

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