New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

It’s no secret that country music is chock-full of talented artists. And, since social media has become a leading resource…


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March 31, 2021

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Alana Springsteen, Drew Green, Georgia Webster, Jordan Davis

It’s no secret that country music is chock-full of talented artists. And, since social media has become a leading resource for discovering new talent, more and more rising stars are coming onto the scene with songs that resonate with listeners far and wide.

It can certainly be easy to overlook some incredible tunes when searching for new music. So, Country Now has hand-picked eight new tracks for your listening pleasure. 

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

“Drive” – Chase Wright

The 24-year-old singer/songwriter wants to take the open road to spend some quality alone time with his fictional love interest in the energetic new track, “Drive.” The song features an infectious cadence and follows Wright’s debut track, “My Kinda Morning,” which racked up more than 14 million streams upon its release.

This one is a celebration of the little things in life that I have really learned to appreciate over the past year,” Wright says of the song in a recent press release. “The freedom of getting out of the house for a drive and being with someone that makes you feel like you’re right where you are meant to be.”

Stream the track here.

“Hooch” – Drew Green

Drew Green brings a party with a stomping beat and a catchy hook in his funky new track, “Hooch.” Green co-wrote the song with Jordan Minton and Mark Trussell as the follow up to his Dirt Boy Vol. 1 EP and previously-released tracks, “She Got That” and “Little More Be Alright.”

“Everybody I know is calling / The second that the sun hit the county line / Trying to get ‘em some of that good good / They all want to party right,” Green sings before launching into a sing-along chorus. “… I got ’em howlin’ at the moon / I got ’em sipping that 191 proof / I got ’em tippin’ back / I got my Chevy sitting heavy riding low and loading down / See me rolling down that mountain / Ain’t no doubt, you know I got it /Got that hooch.”

Stream the track here.

“Trying Not To” – Alana Springsteen feat. Roman Alexander

Alana Springsteen and Roman Alexander take turns singing about the push and pull of wanting to reunite with an ex before joining vocals on a high-powered chorus in Springsteen’s energetic new duet, “Trying Not To.” Springsteen recently opened up about the process behind writing the song with Alexander and producers Jarry Flowers (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood) and Jared Keim (Rascal Flatts, Restless Road).

“I’m not sure if it had to do with the four of us being such a great fit as collaborators or if we just had a really great day…. but it felt like it almost wrote itself,” Springsteen said in a press release. “We all knew right away that it needed to be out in the world. At its core, it’s about the push and pull of two people who know they’re not good for one another but just can’t seem to stay away. We wanted to describe that tension and how things that are wrong for you can also be what you want the most. It made so much sense for this to be a duet – the back and forth of the relationship is mirrored in the structure of the verses and Roman’s vocal brought so much energy to the track overall.”

Stream the track here.

“Good Thing” – Filmore

Filmore’s newest single, “Good Thing,” finds him kissing love goodbye while reminiscing over a past relationship. He stays true to his signature sound in the track while singing about some of the experiences that he went through at the beginning of a young relationship before it all fell apart.

“My song, ‘Good Thing,’ is about key moments and experiences since I moved to Nashville. The song is looking back at real aspects of my past during my early 20s. It was my first time living in a city by myself and sharing that with another human. All those things are touched on in this song from a very real place,” Filmore said of the track he co-wrote with Geoff Warburton and Zach Abend in a press release. “When you look back and reminisce on things, it doesn’t mean that it was bad—you can have a good thing back then and not be with that person now. There’s just different chapters of life, and that’s what ‘Good Thing’ is for me.”

Stream the track here.

“Need To Not” – Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis talks himself out of driving to an ex’s house to give their broken relationship one more shot in the highly relatable, upbeat track “Need To Not.” Davis co-wrote the catchy tune with his brother Jacob and writers Matt Jenkins and Josh Jenkins. He says the song reminds him of earlier days when he wrestled with giving into his weaknesses.

“Need To Not’ is about that little voice in your head screaming, ‘You need to not do this man.’ The song makes me think how I wish I would have listened to that voice a little more than I did in my past,” he said of the energetic track in a recent press release.

Stream the track here.

“My Way” – Lathan Warlick feat. Florida Georgia Line Tyler Hubbard

Viral TikTok sensation Lathan Warlick and FGL’s Tyler Hubbard come together, bringing positivity and weekend party vibes on their collaborative feel-good single, “My Way.” Listeners can find the two artists swapping verses over a hip/hop beat peppered with acoustic samples.

“If I had it my way, every day would be a Friday / We’d be ridin’ with the windows down / If I had it my way, I’d hit a hundred on the highway / With the radio turnt up loud,” Hubbard sings, taking the chorus. “If I had it my way, wе would party all night / Wouldn’t worry ’bout a thing, everybody’d be finе / If I had it my way / My way.”

Stream the track here.

“Push & Pull” – Georgia Webster

Sometimes two people just aren’t meant to be together, no matter how hard one of them is willing to go to try and make it work. That’s the message that Georgia Webster delivers in her new track, “Push & Pull.” Even though the singer’s significant other goes above and beyond to pursue her, she can’t help but be honest with herself and tell him she’s decided to pull away.

“Push & Pull” is Webster’s first release since signing with River House Artists/Sony Music Nashville. The song follows her debut track, “Tell Your Mom,” which took off on TikTok and other streaming platforms in 2020.

Stream the track here.

“Can’t Have Mine” – Jennifer Smestad

Jennifer Smestad’s new song “Can’t Have Mine” encourages people to know their worth when it comes to being in an unhealthy romance. The track finds Smestad choosing to walk away from a relationship after realizing that the man she loves only wants to string her along.

“You can’t take one step forward and sixteen back / Have my heart and treat it like that / You took your time / And now you can’t have mine,” Smestad sings.

Stream the track here.

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