New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

So many new songs have come out since the beginning of 2021. And with tours starting back up, it’s no…


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April 28, 2021

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Morgan Wade, Tyler Braden, Jackson Michelson, Honey County

So many new songs have come out since the beginning of 2021. And with tours starting back up, it’s no doubt those songs will resonate even more with audiences everywhere.

Indeed, not everyone feels comfortable enough to enjoy music inside big stage arenas just yet, so Country Now is sharing some tunes so readers can listen to them from the comfort of their home.

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

“Tip Jar” – Jackson Michelson

Michelson has the perfect solution to mend a broken heart, and he shares that in his fun new single, “Tip Jar.” The tune, co-written with Patrick Mencel and Justin Morgan, has Michelson relying on the power of music to heal from an 11-month relationship. From songs by artists like Tom Petty and Bon Jovi, Michelson lays down some cash to keep his favorite tunes playing all night long and even manages to take a stranger out on the dance floor.

The upbeat track, which features unique finger-snaps over a groovy beat, serves as Michelson’s first release of 2021 and follows his previously released cut, “One Day.”

Stream the track HERE.

“What Do They Know” – Tyler Braden

Braden brushes off the naysayers in his positive single, “What Do They Know.” Ignoring others who have said things like, “You’ll never make it on your own,” he shares a dream-chasing message by confidently responding with the words “What do they know?” throughout a power-heavy chorus.

“This is probably the most excited I’ve been to get a song out to the world because it’s the most true-to-myself one I’ve released so far…,” Braden said in a press release of “What Do They Know,” which he wrote with co-writer Aaron Scherz. “What started as a ‘prove them wrong’ song has become my whole team’s ‘prove us right’ anthem! I’m a huge proponent of always believing in yourself and never letting anyone or anything get you down. I try to live that every day, and that is what I wanted to say with this song. If one person gets that message, then I can move forward as a happy man.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Got It From My Mama” – Honey County

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Honey County serves up a tribute to moms everywhere with their sweet duet, “Got It From My Mama.” The country duo, made up of Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn, showcases their unmatched harmonies during an upbeat chorus that finds them crediting a loving mama for passing down all of the good traits and qualities.

“If you like the way I walk the way I talk the hazel in my eyes / The songs I sing how big I dream and laugh until I cry / Why my heart is on my sleeve and I scream when I hear Madonna / Everything good in me, I got it from my mama oh-oh-oh / I got it from my mama oh-oh-oh,” they sing.

Stream the track HERE.

“Fist Through This Town” – Charlie Worsham

Worsham has an anthem for people who are struggling with making their dreams a reality. And, that’s his highly relatable single, “Fist Through This Town.” Released via Warner Music Nashville, “Fist Through This Town” is Worsham’s first offering since his 2017 album, Beginning of Things.

Of the song, which he wrote with Jeremy Spillman and Travis Meadows, Worsham said in a press release, “‘Fist Through This Town’ fell onto the page late one solitary night in a little house I used to rent on Lillian Street. It was fueled by whiskey and a season of frustration, watched over by a painting of George Jones hanging on the wall, illuminated by the glow of hand-me-down lamps. ‘Fist’ was the first time I got that honest with myself about my anger. My hope is that this song can be rocket fuel for everyone else out there struggling to will a dream into existence.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Heartbreak Tour” – Kat & Alex

“Heartbreak Tour” may sound like a song about giving a relationship another chance, but for this country duo, the country ballad goes a little bit deeper. Kat & Alex, who got married in 2020, co-wrote the song after realizing they needed to keep pursuing music together instead of returning to their 9-5 jobs.

Utilizing their effortless harmonies over heartfelt lyrics and a catchy, pop beat that features pedal steel makes “Heartbreak Tour” that much more listen-worthy!

Stream the track HERE.

“Girl Go” – Chrissy Metz

Metz hopes to encourage others to have the guts to pursue a dream even if that dream doesn’t come to fruition in her inspiring song “Girl Go.” The award-winning actress turned country singer wrote “Girl Go” with Dan Fernandez, Faren Rachels, and Lainey Wilson as a way to show appreciation for her successful journey, which began with a little bit of nudging and hard work.

“Girl go / Dream on down that road / Roll down that window / And let that freedom in / Let your hand dance in the wind / Girl go,” Metz sings throughout the chorus. “You can always come back home / You might see your name in shining lights all around the world / But don’t you ever let that girl go.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Wilder Days” – Morgan Wade

Showing her curiosity, Wade wonders what it would have been like to know her love interest back in his wilder days in the aptly titled song, “Wilder Days,” which she wrote with Sadler Vaden.

“Wilder Days,” which showcases Wade’s unique gravel set of vocals over a pop-country sound, is the first track from the singer/songwriter’s critically acclaimed full-length debut, Reckless. The album, produced by Paul Ebersold and Vaden, features 10 tracks – all of which were co-written by Wade.

Stream the track HERE.

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