New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Alana Springsteen, Griffen Palmer, Tigirlily Gold & More

The beauty of love is that for some, it may be everlasting and full of beauty, but for others, it’s…


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January 13, 2023

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Alana Springsteen, Griffen Palmer, Tigirlily Gold

The beauty of love is that for some, it may be everlasting and full of beauty, but for others, it’s a blockade to freedom. These new releases dive into nearly all aspects of the forbidden passion, including the classic boy meets girl storyline, the aftermath of a breakup, and even the love that’s felt from above.

Listeners are hearing from a slew of artists rising to the top of their game like Kasey Tyndall, Dylan Marlowe, Griffen Palmer and Tigirlily Gold, as they’ve recently dropped new music. 

From boot-stomping breakup tunes to honky tonk anthems and plenty of devoted romance, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are eight songs you need to hear right now.

Alana Springsteen – “You Don’t Deserve A Country Song”

For Alana Springsteen’s debut single, she chose to come out with a bang. Written by Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Geoff Warburton, Will Weatherly and Michael Whitworth, “You Don’t Deserve A Country Song” dives headfirst into the most empowering breakup anthem. Instead of sitting around waiting for life to pick her back up, she’s taking things into her own hands and embracing her returned freedom. The new song is featured on Springsteen’s first installment, TWENTY SOMETHING: Messing It Up, of her three-part debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING, arriving on March 24.

“I bet you thought that I’d be drinking alone at the bar / I bet you thought that I’d be driving by your house in my car / Bet you thought that I’d be thinking I ain’t ever moving on / I bet that’s what you want / But you don’t deserve a country song,” she sings in the upbeat chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Brett Kissel – “Never Have I Ever”

Inspired by the classic party game, “Never Have I Ever,” Brett Kissel puts his own nostalgic spin on the idea, transforming it into a more mature narrative that leads him to an unexpected love story with a childhood friend. The platinum-selling country star falls more and more in love as he reminisces on their days of playing spin the bottle, buying drinks with their fake ID’s, and making lifelong memories at 17. Co-written by Kissel with Elizabeth Lowell Boland, Ron Lopata, this song is set to be featured on the first part of his four-part album project, titled The Compass Project.

“Driving back to your hometown Where we used to joke about settling down I wanna double-dare you to stay the night Play the game we used to play one more time Never have I ever thought I would ever feel the way that I do Never have I ever thought I would get somebody like,” Kissel sings in the catchy chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Kasey Tyndall and Dylan Marlowe – “Place For Me”

Rising country stars Kasey Tyndall and Dylan Marlowe have joined forces to release their newest song, “Place For Me.” Written by Tyndall, Jason Gantt, Jason Nix and Jenna LaMaster, this humbling track exudes a freeing idea that if “rednecks got a place up in Heaven, then there’s a place for me.” The captivating pair of vocals combines the lighthearted lyrics with a faith-filled melody to create some wishful thinking in regard to their loved ones waiting for them at the gates above. 

“One day I was thinking that if my rowdy Granddaddy could get into Heaven so could I, which led me to write this song,” joked Tyndall. “It reminds me of a bible verse in Matthew, where it says to store your treasures in Heaven. If I had to pick my treasures, it would be what we wrote about in the song. I’m so glad that Dylan Marlowe wanted to jump on the song with me. He’s an incredible artist and when he heard the song he loved it as much as I did, so it just felt right.”

Stream the track HERE.

Mitch Rossell – “Son”

Mitch Rossell is honoring his promise to his late father by pursuing his musical talents and using his impressive vocals to heal painful memories. As he puts pen to paper with Dave Turnbull, the East Tennessee native delivers his utmost raw emotions in his latest release, “Son.” With each note, the song peels away a new layer of the multi-generational storyline of the love between a father and son. Without a doubt, the sorrowful ballad strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced any form of loss and constructs a mindful space for comfort and healing. 

“This song is a journey through my childhood; a painful picture of how I lost my Dad, and the healing I found with the birth of my first son,” says Rossell. “‘Son’ is by far the most personal song I’ve ever put on paper and is my life story. It’s my way to honor my father’s legacy and the love he poured into me.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Griffen Palmer – “Second Guessing”

Love is filling the air with Griffen Palmer’s heartfelt release, “Second Guessing.” Adding his own flair to the song that was originally recorded by Florida Georgia Line and first heard as the winning cut on an episode of NBC’s Songland in 2020, the newest signee to Big Loud Records is diving headfirst into his pop-country style. As he recognizes the irreplaceable comfort of holding onto that special person, Palmer’s entrancing vocals showcase a deep sense of confidence and pure romance. 

“I feel like the song is such an important part of my story as an artist, so I’m excited to put my own spin on it and put it out,” Palmer shared in a release. “Seeing the reaction people had to it on Songland was wild. It means a lot to me to have so many people resonate with my music and what I have to say. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I was ever going to do my own version, so I wanted to put this out for them. I hope everyone likes it!”

Stream the track HERE.

Blanco Brown – “I’ll Never”

Fans are seeing a whole new side to GRAMMY nominated artist Blanco Brown in his newest song, “I’ll Never.” Penned by Brown with Keith Justice and Allen A, the hitmaker swaddles the listener in his silky melody as he promises, “I’ll never stop loving you, holding you, kissing all on you.” As he wears his heart on his sleeve, Brown’s passion secures his commitment to the one he loves while also illustrating a deeper understanding that the same adoration is meant for all.   

“’I’ll Never’ is about loving someone the way they need to be loved because everyone needs and deserves love in different ways,” Blanco shared in a release. “Even if it means looking in the mirror learning to love yourself just a little bit more.”

Stream the track HERE.

Lukas Graham and Mickey Guyton – “Home Movies”

Lukas Graham and Mickey Guyton have teamed up for a reflective ballad that explores the depth of validity that comes from “Home Movies.” The classic love story of boy meets girl is told in a new, nostalgic light as these two singer/songwriters unfold the “retrospective understanding that life is lived in the present but understood backwards,” according to Graham. Together, their adoring vocals intertwine effortlessly with the heroic lyrics and uplifting melody. The stunning track is set to be a taste of Graham’s forthcoming album, 4 (The Pink Album)

“Mickey’s vocals really make the lyrics that much better. Not to mention the outer harmonies on the last 3rd of the song!” he praised of the country star. “My favorite line is from the chorus “Everybody’s got a story no one knows” and that’s the truth. We all have our inglorious moments and obscure pasts to deal with and that’s what makes life so beautiful; when we manage to rise above the prejudice and make something unique of ourselves.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Tigirlily Gold – “Shoot Tequila”

Brace yourself because Tigirlily Gold is preparing to take over the honky tonks with their brand-new party anthem, “Shoot Tequila.” Written by the sister duo alongside Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin and David Mescon, the upbeat track is a fiery ode to their days of putting in the work on Nashville’s Lower Broadway. Their zealous melody takes a stand against toxic relationships, which they relate to a different kind of temptation that involves one too many drinks during a night out. 

“We’ve been singing in honky tonks since before we could even legally ‘shoot tequila,’” the sisters admit in a recent release. “Playing on Broadway in Nashville for years really affected our sound, and we always lean towards writing songs that have great live energy. ‘Shoot Tequila’ is our ‘Broadway’ song, and we want people to get excited, grab a drink, and meet us at the nearest honky tonk!”

Stream the track HERE.

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