New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Billy Currington, Maddie & Tae, Mason Ramsey & More

It’s time to update your country playlist.


Madeleine O’Connell

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June 30, 2023

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Billy Currington, Maddie & Tae, Mason Ramsey; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are 10 new country songs you need to hear right now.

Charles Esten – In A Bar Somewhere

Charles Esten delivers a haunting message of lost love through his newly released song, “In A Bar Somewhere.” The heartbreak ballad features an entrancing sound among the wispy instrumentals and Esten’s deep vocals that encompass significant pain and desire to return to the once-perfect days in a beach town. Co-written by Esten with Neil Medley and Jason Gantt, the song came to life on Zoom while the talented actor was on-location in Barbados for Netflix’s global hit, Outer Banks, in 2021. The Marshall Altman-produced track also marks the third release of his forthcoming debut album. 

“In a bar somewhere / We’re still drinking and laughing / Not thinkin’ bout what’s gonna happen / We’re still dancing right there / In a bar somewhere / Your head still on my shoulder / We’re still us it ain’t over / Oh naw we ain’t over / We’re still, we’re still / In a bar somewhere,” Charles Esten delivers on the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Travis Denning –  “Things I’m Going Through”

Throughout Travis Denning’s new song, “Things I’m Going Through,” he addresses the difficulty of having to keep his emotions inside following a breakup. In order to avoid facing the painful truth that his love is gone, he copes by driving down some back roads and jamming out to Blake Shelton’s “Kiss My Country Ass,” with man’s best friend by his side. Written by Matt Mulhare and Jordan Dozzi and produced by Jeremy Stover and Paul DiGiovanni, the new song showcases Denning’s honest storytelling and hard-hitting country-rock sound. 

“I was absolutely floored the first time I heard this song, not only because it is so well written, but it is so relatable,” Denning said in a press release. “I don’t think there is a young man in this world who hasn’t told a white lie to their dad or mom or friend about how they’re feeling in that moment in time – about what they’re really going through. I can definitely remember those times where my world felt like it was crashing around me because of a girl I was broken up with, and I just couldn’t man up and tell anybody. It’s a great song and I love the imagery of what he damn sure wishes he was doing.”

Stream the track HERE.

Naomi Cooke Johnson  – “Girls of Summer”

Naomi Cooke Johnson has officially broken out in the country music scene as a solo artist with her latest release, “Girls of the Summer.” Serving as a co-writer alongside Jason Duke and Jacob Durrett, the former lead vocalist of Runaway June has unveiled a scorching anthem full of female empowerment and carefree fun. Cooke Johnson keeps her fiery attitude in check throughout the upbeat tempo, and maintains her windows-down energy that marks the first taste of all the music to come from Johnson with BBR Music Group/ Stoney Creek Records.

“Whatever summer is to you, whether on a beach, a broadway street, or just riding around your hometown with the windows down and your friends by your side, I hope “Girls of Summer” will transport you to a barefoot euphoria of your own where new core memories are made,” said Cooke Johnson. 

Stream the track HERE.

Brandon Davis – “Still Gonna Be”

Brandon Davis rolled out his new single in the form of a twangy heartbreak tune that serves as another look into his yet-to-be-announced full-length album. “Still Gonna Be” finds the rising country star attempting to convince himself that he’s over a former love, but the truth is the pain is too overpowering. No matter how hard he tries, Davis still longs for that missing piece of his heart, however, in the end, he finally is able to come to terms with the realization that she’s not coming back. Co-penned by Davis with Daniel Agee and Joseph Ragosta and produced by Agee, the song features a steady drum beat and crisp guitar strums that only elevate the captivating power of his voice. 

“I could slide a quarter in a jukebox get lost / I could pour a double whiskey over ice all night / I can tell myself my heart don’t hurt like hell / Try to wish her back until the break of dawn / But you’re still gonna be gone,” Davis sings on the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Mason Ramsey – Reasons To Come Home

Mason Ramsey made his long-awaited return to country music with the release of his new single, “Reasons To Come Home.” This 16-year-old Atlantic Records artist is delivering a taste of his growth and matured vocals as he readies for his forthcoming EP, due out this fall. Co-written by Ramsey with Rob Pennington and Jeff Middleton, the just-released tune features a whole bundle of heart as it illustrates a sentimental storyline inspired by his grandparents who raised him within the community of Golconda, IL.

“‘Reasons To Come Home’ is a very special song to me. It’s all about my amazing grandparents, who raised me and are my only ties to my hometown of Golconda, IL,” Ramsey shared honestly. “While the song is a love letter to Golconda and all the things I love there, it’s also a realization that when my grandparents are gone, I sadly won’t have any reason to go back to Golconda.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Maddie & Tae – “Heart They Didn’t Break”

Maddie & Tae are sending a message of great appreciation to the friends who are always there to mend the “Heart They Didn’t Break.” The new song conveys the power of having a true friend who never fails to go the distance to “clean up the mess” with a bottle of wine and some encouraging advice. Written by Benjy Davis, Anna Vaus and Ryan Beaver, and produced by Corey Crowder, “Heart They Didn’t Break” features soulful delivery as the country duo takes turns leading the vocals and interlacing their stunning harmonies.

“Our friendship has gotten us through so many phases of life,” Maddie & Tae stated in a press release. “We feel like this song captures that sentiment so beautifully, and we are excited to share it.”

Together, they toast to loyal friends as they sing, “She ain’t the one that slammed the door and tore off in a truck / She ain’t the one that made me feel like I ain’t good enough / But someone’s gotta help clean up the mess you went and made / So, here’s to friends there to fix a heart they didn’t break.”

Stream the track HERE.

Cody Hibbard – Beer Problem

As a former blue-collar pipeline worker, Cody Hibbard relates to the everyday problems that people face like having to mow the lawn on a hot day or a broken down truck stuck in the driveway. He understands that life can get too hectic with the never-ending work that needs to get done, so instead of taking on that task list, he suggests simply labeling them as a “Beer Problem.” With this new song, written by Alex Maxwell, Hibbard, Bryan Frazier, Dawson Edwards and Marc Oriet, Hibbard illustrates the temptation to walk away from responsibilities and instead, dig into “some Reddy Ice” and enjoy a “sip for a job well done.”

“This song is more than a drinkin’ song. This song represents every redneck I ever grew up with or worked with that said, ‘screw it, it’ll be there tomorrow to fix,’” Hibbard explained of the upbeat tune. “It’s a rocky-tonk, fun time song that is going to be perfect for summer.”

Stream the track HERE.

Billy Currington – “City Don’t”

No matter how glamorous city life may be, Billy Currington admits that the tall buildings and many lights will never compare to the feeling of the countryside. In his latest release, “City Don’t,” Currington highlights all the best parts of small-town living, like a “dirt road gravel parkin’ lot steeple,” the ponds where fish are always biting, and being able to wave to someone you know at a red light. The sentimental tune was co-penned by Scooter Carusoe, Joshua Miller, and Chris LaCorte, and produced by Carson Chamberlain. 

Letting his country-loving vocals lead the way, Currington sings, “They got five stars, we got millions / They got nice bars, we got sippin’ straight out of a can / On somebody’s land with a homegrown girl / And a God-made tan singin’, “Goodbye Earl” / Got everything I need, everything I could want / ‘Cause the country does something for me the city don’t.”

Stream the track HERE.

Restless Road – “No Can Do”

Restless Road dropped their newest song, “No Can Do,” in an effort to create the perfect vibes for any summertime activities. The country trio is making a splash in the pool of summer anthems with their own, upbeat, beer-drinking, party track. Restless Road band members Zach Beeken, Garrett Nichols and Colton Pack came together to write the new song with Jacob Rice, Jessi Alexander, and Matt Jenkins.

“Our fans have been asking for this song for a while,” says Beeken. “So we thought we’d kick the holiday weekend off right and give them a song to listen to all weekend long.  It’s the perfect song to listen to out on the lake, with some friends, or around a bonfire drinking a cold one.”

Stream the track HERE.

Drake White – “Spirit”

Drake White will always have a desire to wander and an attachment to the open road, however, this need for adventure and constant movement may sometimes feel like a blessing and a curse wrapped into one. White has unveiled his new song, “Spirit” with the intention of letting his country soul guide the way. His echoed vocals call for a sense of inner peace as the tune delivers the whispering sounds of an acoustic ballad that’s elevated by a mix of a gentle slide guitar, electric fiddle, and heavy emotions. “Spirit” was co-written by White with Leslie Satcher and Phil Pence, produced by Matthew Ridenour and White himself, and serves as the first taste of an upcoming EP.

“When I get lost in the wheels, you go on and say goodbye / I can’t seem to settle down (lord), so I don’t even try,” White sings throughout the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

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