New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Carter Faith, Dillon Carmichael, Anne Wilson & More

Turn up the volume for these new releases.


Madeleine O’Connell

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June 19, 2023

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Carter Faith, Dillon Carmichael, Anne Wilson; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

Anne Wilson – “Seventh of June”

Anne Wilson pens a heartfelt tribute to her late brother in the somber lyrics of her latest release, “Seventh of June.” This date marks a period of both devastation and growth, as the rising female songstress depicts in the deeply personal narrative. Wilson opened her heart with the help of songwriters Jeff Pardo and Matthew West to create a smooth ballad filled with authenticity, elegant instrumentals and poignant whispers of reflection that taps into the pain of grief. 

 “‘Seventh of June’ is a song that was written about the day that forever changed my life. The day that I lost my big brother Jacob in a tragic car accident,” Wilson shared in a press release. “No matter how much time passes, this is a day that will always be so important to me. I really pray this song impacts people and reminds them that it’s OK to grieve. Jesus is with us in the midst of it all!! This is for you, Jacob.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Carter Faith – “Smoke Too Soon”

Carter Faith has unleashed the latest installment of a true post-breakup revenge track with her song, “Smoke Too Soon.” The light piano key introduction quickly transforms into a steel-guitar-ridden country song that celebrates the never-ending joy of a 90s-inspired honky tonk anthem. With great force and confidence, Faith toasts to the end of a relationship and the beginning of new-found freedom. The upbeat track was co-written by Faith with Caroline Watkins, Lauren Hungate and Tofer Brown. 

“Says, I’m way too petty, guess he / Don’t think I’m funny the way I do / I’m way too messy, getting ready / Spilling glitter and littering his place with shoes,” Faith delivers on the chorus. “Spend all my money on bullshit / And all my time on booze / I could but I can’t help that I sleep in way too late / And I smoke too soon.”

Stream the track HERE.

Alana Springsteen – “when we were friends”

As Alana Springsteen continues to explore the rollercoaster of life that comes with being in her 20s, she has unveiled yet another chapter through her new song, “when we were friends.” The songstress leaves no crumbs behind while releasing one of her most vulnerable messages to date. Instead of lending her mind to heartbreak from a past love, the 22-year-old is depicting a different kind of pain, one that comes from losing a close-knit friendship. The track co-written by Springsteen, Sasha Alex Sloan, and Pete Good marks the latest from TWENTY SOMETHING: Figuring It Out. Available July 14, this collection serves as the second installment of Springsteen’s forthcoming three-part debut album TWENTY SOMETHING. 

Springsteen’s soul-stirring vocals and reflective emotions come to life throughout the chorus as she sings, “Used to wear each other’s sneakers / Get drunk behind the bleachers / Raise some hell, but we always said amen / I knew who you were kissin’ / What tattoo you were gettin’ / Now I don’t even know how you’ve been / Truth is, I miss when / When we were friends.”

Stream the track HERE.

Dillon Carmichael – “Drinkin’ Problems” 

Dillon Carmichael’s brand-new song, “Drinkin’ Problems” offers a refreshing solution to the daily stresses of life. After a long day’s work, listeners can grab a cold one and let loose with this upbeat tune that dropped just in time for the summer. The carefree track was produced by Jon Pardi and Ryan Gore, and penned by Luke Combs alongside Thomas Archer, Ray Fulcher and Erik Dylan. Carmichael’s Kentucky-soaked twang pairs perfectly with the clever wordplay and relatable quips. 

“We all got drinkin’ problems / It’s ’bout that time we get to workin’ on ’em / We’ll be cold can holdin’ / Keep that jukebox rollin’ / Ordering rounds till we think we forgot ’em / Unless you got a better way to solve ’em / We’ll keep on drowning our drinkin’ problems,” he sings on the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Tucker Beathard – “Open Flame”

It’s commonly known that when you “Play with fire, you wind up burned,” but as Tucker Beathard illustrates in his new song, “Open Flame,” sometimes that allure of that toxic relationship is just too hard to resist. His dreamy vocals and knowing truth are elevated by the mid-tempo guitar strums and dim drum beats that dance around the dangers that come when two “paper hearts” get too close to the fire. Beathard penned the tempting tune alongside Jeff Middleton and Brandon Hood.  

“I actually wrote this song about a specific girl I dated years ago who lived in Michigan,” Beathard shared in a press release. “Our whole relationship kind of started and grew around the thrill of how toxic we were. That’s really all we knew. So, when we broke up, there really weren’t any hard feelings or burned bridges. We knew we were bad for each other, but also knew we were each other’s favorite sin we couldn’t resist. Then, a little over a year ago, I saw I had a show coming up in Michigan, and knew it was like playing with fire, because we’d both have a tough time staying away from each other. So that’s where my head was when this was written.”

Stream the track HERE.

Track45 – “Grew Up On”

No matter where Track45 goes in life or how much they may change, the sibling trio knows that their roots run too deep to ever lose touch with the way they were raised. This sentiment unfolds in their latest release, “Grew Up On,” which evokes memories of youthful days spent with friends, first loves and innocent mistakes. The power of blood harmonies is put on display as siblings Ben, Jenna and KK Johnson come together for the nostalgia-driven track filled with traditional country storytelling and a wholesome, mid-tempo melody. “Grew Up On” was produced by the three members of Track45, who also co-wrote the song alongside Ashley Gorley, Jonathan Singleton and Taylor Phillips.

They come together to sing, “I still do my best thinking on an old dirt road / Leave my boots on the back porch when I come home / I still fix a broke heart with a country song / Cause you never outgrow what you grew up on / No, you never outgrow what you grew up on.”

Stream the track HERE.

Jay Allen – “Jello Shot”

Jay Allen just added a groovy, windows-down anthem to his collection with “Jello Shot.” Showcasing a taste of his fun, party side, the rising singer/songwriter sat down to pen the new single with Corey Batten and Micah Wilshire. Together, they created a tune with epic guitar melodies, irresistible toe-tapping drumbeats and buoyant vocals that are sure to get the summertime party started. 

“’Jello Shot’ was born five years ago after an unforgettable night out with my now wife, Kylie Morgan. The very next morning, while driving to my writing session, inspiration struck, and with the help of my longtime producer, Micah Wilshire, we breathed life into this track,” Allen said, sharing the inspiration behind his latest release. 

“What you’re hearing now is the authentic creation from that very day in the studio—a song that irresistibly compels you to sing along and dance without inhibition.  It surpasses the realm of just another summer tune; it encapsulates the sheer joy and pure exhilaration I haven’t experienced in my music for quite some time. My utmost wish is for this song to ignite an overwhelming sense of happiness in all who listen because, when all is said and done, life is simply too fleeting not to pause, have a little fun, and let loose like a JELLO SHOT!”

Stream the track HERE.

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