New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now From Adam Doleac, Kylie Morgan, Mason Ramsey, & More

It’s time to update your playlist.


Madeleine O’Connell

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August 4, 2023

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Adam Doleac, Kylie Morgan, Mason Ramsey; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new music releases of the week. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

Avery Anna – “Worst In Me”

Warner Music Nashville’s Avery Anna has unveiled her newest track, “Worst In Me.” The rising star turns her tears and heartache into a powerful delivery of what it feels like to be drowning in a relationship that you just can’t seem to let go of. Penned by Anna alongside Ava Suppelsa and Danielle Blakey, “Worst In Me” first gained traction through snippets shared to TikTok, and now fans have the chance to take in the song in its entirety. Anna’s buttery vocals echo beautifully throughout the constricting narrative as she sings “It’s easy to see / How I bring out the best in you / And you bring out the worst in me.”

“Writing ‘Worst In Me’ was a very emotional experience for me,” Anna shared via press release. “It’s a song about what it’s like to constantly lift somebody up that only brings you down, and the emotional toll it takes on you.”

Stream the track HERE.

Priscilla Block – “Fake Names

Priscilla Block’s new song, “Fake Names” is the perfect party starter for anyone looking to have a bit of shame-free fun and some much-needed escapism from the real world. As she lets her wild side out among the catchy chorus and upbeat instrumentals, Block hones in on the need to have a good time without feeling any remorse for the actions that may come as a result. In order to do this, she suggests using comedic fake names such as Hurricane Hayley, Mary Jane, and Blacked-out Brittney, who all come with their own fake backgrounds to allow one to fully embrace their new persona for the night. Co-written by Block with Alysa Vanderheym, Summer Overstreet and Audra Mae, the new tune also features a special surprise towards the end as country star Jelly Roll can be heard adding a drop of humorous reality, which is quickly overtaken by Block’s party animal spirit.

“When we wrote ‘Fake Names,’ it was just such a fun process. I mean, four girls in one room writing about letting loose with your girlfriends and having different identities for the night,” Block gushed. “You know, you always have that one friend that drinks too much, or the girl that’s starting fights in the bar, or the one that might get arrested by the end of the night. It’s just a really fun song about going out and being someone totally different for the night.”

Stream the track HERE.

John Morgan – Cold Summer in San Antone” 

John Morgan is letting heartbreak take over in his new release, “Cold Summer in San Antone.” As the multi-No. 1 hit songwriter illustrates through his North Carolina drawl, sometimes even the hottest temperatures of Texas can’t thaw the iciness of a broken heart. Written by John with Ben Hayslip and producer Will Bundy, the aching new tune features gentle guitar picks and an enchanting steel guitar that emphasizes the story of deep isolation and stone-cold sadness that comes after that special person walks out the door. 

“It’s been a cold summer in San Antone / That Texas sun / Don’t even feel like it’s on / It’s a hundred and somethin’ / Damn near record high / But it’s minus one / In this bedroom tonight / I wonder if she even knows / It’s been a cold, cold summer in San Antone,” John Morgan sings on the chorus.

Stream the track HERE

Mason Ramsey – She Got It Outta Me

Mason Ramsey’s new release titled, “She Got It Outta Me” finds him waving goodbye to singleness and opening his heart to love. When that certain girl walks in, all his toughness seems to fly out the window, causing the young singer to change his tune as he sings, “I was used to thinking ‘bout me and myself / Now I’m thinking ‘bout someone new.” Ramsey’s youthful vocals match the innocent storyline made up of nostalgic sounds and a modern energy that completes the up-tempo tune. The 16-year-old’s latest offering was produced by Aaron Eshuis and written by Griffen Palmer, Geoff Warburton, Liz Rose, and Tofer Brown.

“‘She Got It Outta Me’ has a cool old-school vibe mixed with my style of Country,” Ramsey shared. “When I got into the studio, I wanted the upbeat sound to match the high energy I feel onstage. I’m having so much fun singing this and can’t wait to take it on the road. It’s even got a little yodel in it just for the girls.”

Stream the track HERE.

Adam Doleac – Don’t Make Me Get Over You

Adam Doleac is keeping his feelings on a tight leash in his new song as he pleads with his partner, “Don’t Make Me Get Over You.” The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter portrays a stripped-back look into the fear that comes with falling in and out of love and the thought of having to bear heartbreak over and over again. The soulful tune is filled with hopefulness and love while a bit of hesitation also rings out through Doleac’s charming vocals. The track was written by Doleac, Andy Skib, and Bobby Hamrick.

“The raw emotions that follow the aftermath of dealing with an on-again-off-again relationship is something that many can attest to. When creating ‘Don’t Make Me Get Over You,’ we wanted to tell a story that brought closure to those who have experienced the romantic upset of a toxic relationship. They say music is therapeutic and enhances the ability to communicate, so my hope is that through this track people are able to find the beauty in the complex emotions of a breakup,” Doleac shared.

Stream the track HERE.

Kylie Morgan – “A Few Hearts Ago”

EMI Records Nashville singer/songwriter Kylie Morgan reflects on the person she once was in past relationships with her new song, “A Few Hearts Ago.” Even though she’s found herself happily in love with the partner she believes she was meant to find, Morgan also admits that she’s glad that person didn’t come along any earlier, as she was still working on healing her heartbreak. Penned by Morgan alongside Casey Brown and James McNair, and produced by Brown, this fresh perspective on love is intertwined with melodic keys and steady percussion throughout the mid-tempo tune. 

“A few hearts ago / I was closin’ down a few bars ago / In the wrong backseat a few cars ago / Wishin’ for you a few stars ago / Down a lonely road,” Morgan sings. “A few hearts ago / Woulda broke yours, I’d be missin’ out / Wouldn’t have these lips I’m kissin’ now / Time did what it’s supposed to do / Thank God I didn’t meet you / A few hearts ago.”

Stream the track HERE.

Kasey Tyndall – “Dirt Road to Hell”

Kasey Tyndall joins the modern, country-rock phenomenon that’s sweeping through Nashville with her latest offering, “Dirt Road to Hell.” The rising River House artist blows off some steam with her fiery new single as she sniffs out a slew of suspicious clues that point to her partner being unfaithful. Tyndall is standing her ground as she unleashes the wrath of undeniably high energy and authentic storytelling. Her gritty vocals come to life alongside the heart-pounding breakup anthem that she wrote alongside Faren Rachels, Gary Garris, Josh Mirenda, Nick Columbia, and Reid Haughton. 

“Everyone has their version of a cheating song and Dirt Road to Hell’ is mine,” Tyndall explained of the new track via press release. “It really captures my love of country and rock. I’ve been truly blown away by the reaction from fans when I’ve played it live.”

Stream the track HERE.

Morgan Wade – “Fall In Love With Me”

Morgan Wade is putting her confidence on full display in her brand-new release, “Fall In Love With Me.” The hip-swaying tune serves as a convincing letter to the friendship that’s likely to turn into something much deeper. Even though their unlabeled relationship is at a standstill due to their distance, the buoyant melody mixed with Wade’s crisp vocals acts as a confident prediction that sparks will fly once they’re reunited in person. “Fall In Love With Me” was a solo write and marks the latest glimpse into the rising singer/songwriter’s sophomore album Psychopath, available everywhere Aug. 25. 

“I’m gonna make you fall in love with me / Get caught up in me while you’re overseas / Wait until you see me in person / Make that feeling worsen and you’ll be cursin’ / Can’t you see I’m what you need / Make you hit your knees, pull out that ring / Gonna make you fall in love with me / Gonna make you fall in love with me,” Wade delivers on the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

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