New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Randy Houser, Charly Reynolds, Niko Moon, Kasey Tyndall & More

While soaking up the last few moments of summer, make sure to roll the windows down and blast the abundance…


Madeleine O’Connell

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September 19, 2022

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Randy Houser, Charly Reynolds, Niko Moon, Kasey Tyndall; Photos Provided

While soaking up the last few moments of summer, make sure to roll the windows down and blast the abundance of new music that’s finally breaking out of the recording studio.

From toxic love songs to wholesome tributes and homebound tales, Country Now is sharing its latest list of noteworthy tracks for fans to play on repeat.

Here are eight songs you need to hear right now.

Niko Moon – “I Can’t Wait To Love You”

Have some tissues around for this one because Niko Moon’s new song, “I Can’t Wait To Love You” will surely pull at your heartstrings as he dreams of the day he gets to meet his baby girl Lily. Moon took a brief hiatus from his typical breezy, “Coastin’” stylings to release his latest single. He brings fans right into the moment he and his wife Anna Moon finally saw those two pink lines after struggling with fertility issues and as songwriters, their first instinct was to write down exactly what they were feeling in all the excitement. The result is this heartfelt tribute to their first daughter. We can’t wait to see where this song goes.

Stream the track here.

Pillbox Patti – “Eat Pray Drugs”

Pillbox Patti continues to prove that she’s an open book as she shares her most honest memories from her simple life growing up in Florida. With her latest release, she reveals that the “only three things to do” in her hometown are “Eat Pray Drugs.” Written by Hayford with Aaron Raitiere, Park Chisolm, Benjy Davis, and Connie Harrington, and produced by Chisolm, the singer paints a picture clear as day as she brings listeners into her world that many others understand all too well. 

“I’m from a small town in Florida where there’s not a whole lot goin’ on,” says Patti. “Mostly casseroles, and Jesus, and getting’ high.…in other words, eat pray drugs.”

Stream the track here.

Randy Houser – “Rub A Little Dirt On It”

Inspired by the saying that kids often hear after getting a minor injury like a scrapped knee, Randy Houser established a new meaning for “Rub A Little Dirt On It.” While it offers a simple message in the chorus, “When life gets a little hurt on it / Get in the middle of nowhere / And rub a little dirt on it,” Houser amps up the phrase by incorporating it into adulthood.

Written by Houser along with Jeff Hyde and Ryann Tyndell, this song acts as a reminder that with a little help from those places of stability, the tough days start to feel more insignificant over time. 

Stream the track here.

Charly Reynolds – “Tonight In Texas”

In her new release, “Tonight In Texas,” Charly Reynolds is very convincing in making those around her believe her ex is out of sight, out of mind. In reality, she’s hiding her broken heart in the vibrant, upbeat number. On the inside, the narrative showcases a distraught soul whose mind is running wild wondering what her ex-love is doing, but on the outside, she’s happy as can be and enjoying the night out – a tale far too common in the current world of dating. 

Stream the track here.

Kasey Tyndall – “Nothin’ Wrong With Being Country”

Kasey Tyndall is here to stand up for all those whose “favorite color is camouflage,” who “grew up in the middle of nothin’” and who are “a little redneck,” because as she says in her latest release, there’s “Nothin’ Wrong With Being Country.” This North Carolina native proves that she is nothing less than a hard-hitter with her powerful lyrics that were drawn from her life before moving to Nashville. 

“Sometimes being Country gets a bad rap, so I wanted to write an anthem for all the Country girls out there that are a little rough around the edges like me,” she shared. “I love being who I am and let me tell you there ain’t nothin’ wrong with it!”

Stream the track here.

Dustin Lynch – “Wood On The Fire”

Dustin Lynch is letting temptation win in his new song, “Wood On The Fire.” Regardless of the fact that he knows going back to that toxic relationship will likely result in a burn, he continues to add fuel to the fire. The complicated relationship may be getting out of control, but Lynch’s vocals stay calm, cool and collected as he once again finds himself in dangerous territory with an ex. 

“One touch, one kiss, next thing you know / Me over you goes up in smoke / Every time we’re almost down to coast / It’s one more, one last timer,” he sings on the track he co-wrote alongside Hunter Phelps, Jordan Minton and Jordan Reynolds. 

Stream the track here.

Brandon Ratcliff – “Tale Of Two Towns”

Moving away from the place you know best is never easy and when Brandon Ratcliff found himself torn between his music in Nashville and the comfort of his hometown in of Cotton Valley, LA, he turned to his songwriting to ease the tension. After two years, the singer makes an incredible comeback with his release of “Tale Of Two Towns.” This new song begins a journey that is destined for success as he prepares to tell stories that he’s never shared before.

Stream the track here.

Honey County – “Strawberry Margarita Promises”

Honey County’s Dani Rose knows that actions speak louder than words yet, once she gets a taste of the deceptively sweet “Strawberry Margarita promises” her conscience is overshadowed. The confidence builds throughout her cheery vocals as she comes to the realization that the man who made all those promises will never actually follow through. “Like many other women and my friends, we want to believe and hope for the best, but we ultimately know better,” Rose said matching the energy of her lyrics when she sings, “Against my better judgement herе I go again / And I know I’ll regret this in the morning.”

Stream the track here.

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