New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Teddy Robb, Hailey Whitters, Austin Burke, Abbey Cone & More

Leave it to country music to start 2022 off with a bang! Just this month alone, several up-and-coming artists have…


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February 8, 2022

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Teddy Robb, Hailey Whitters, Austin Burke, Abbey Cone; Photos Provided

Leave it to country music to start 2022 off with a bang! Just this month alone, several up-and-coming artists have released singles that have since caught the attention of eager fans.

Adam Doleac, CB30, and Hailey Whitters are just a few rising stars to have released new songs. From love, to heartache, to nostalgia, to chasing your dreams, to drinking off a long week… Country Now has got you covered with seven new songs that belong on your playlist:

“Don’t Say Goodnight” – CB30

With well-over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram and 2.6 million followers on TikTok, CB30, a duo comprised of brothers Christian and Brody Clementi, has quickly caught the attention of fans through social media. Their harmonies perfectly complement their heartfelt lyrics in their newest single, “Don’t Say Goodnight.”

Written by Christian Clementi, Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson, this song pulls on heartstrings by describing the story of a young couple falling in love and not wanting the night to end. According to Brody, “This has been an unreleased fan favorite, we’ve been playing it live for a few years, and we are so excited to get to release it.”

Stream the track here.

“Drinkin’ It Wrong” – Adam Doleac

Fans have heard Doleac’s hit singles about love and heartbreak, but what comes next in this trilogy, we haven’t heard yet: a good ole feel-good drinking song. Giving listeners a look into a different side of his music, “Drinkin’ It Wrong” is Doleac’s first true party single. Written by Doleac, Cary Barlowe and Jordan Schmidt, this anthem encourages the listener to let loose and let their worries go away. Some of the lyrics include:

If you got work on your mind
If your worries ain’t gone
If it ain’t hitting you right
Well, you’re drinkin’ it wrong

Stream the track here.

“Hate Me” – Abbey Cone

Country newcomer Abbey Cone addresses the doubt and honest thoughts that come along with a breakup in her latest release, “Hate Me.” According to Cone,“’Hate Me’ is about the feelings you wrestle with post-breakup and wanting to be remembered… If the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference – this song is about the root of that feeling of wanting to be remembered.” With a catchy melody and vulnerable lyrics, Cone joined Jessie Jo Dillon and Nathan Spicer to write this heartbreak anthem. The chorus states:

If you talk shit then I hope it’s about me
‘Cause at least boy you still talk about me
And the truth is you feelin’ somethin’
Is better than you feelin’ nothin’
If you don’t love me I hope that you hate me

Stream the track here.

“Let It Burn” – Austin Burke

In this heartbreaking ballad, Burke shares the story of a love burning out. This surprise release is the second song off of his upcoming EP, Changed Everything, which is set to release on March 25th. Inspired by his parent’s divorce when he was eighteen, Burke reflects on a time of hurt and uncertainty. He says, “I realized that it wasn’t anyone’s fault, they just grew apart instead of growing together. That’s what ‘Let It Burn’ talks about and I think that is why so many people are connecting with the song.” The songs open and closes with the lines:

No, I’m not sure how, how to say it
But I’m not sure if we can save this

Stream the track here.

“1500” – Teddy Robb

Teddy Robb entered the writers’ room one faithful day with Pete Good, Brandon Ratcliff, and Dave Turnbull with an idea for a song about the Chevy 1500 farm truck he drove when he was a teenager. “I said, look I know there’s a lot of truck songs, but I want to do my take on it… the first line we spit out was, ‘I was 16 in a 1500,’ and immediately we were like that’s the song right there,” Robb shared. “1500,” the newest release off his EP, Get Away With It, which releases February 25th, reflects back on his days of being young and free…

16 in a 1500
Red Silverado
Bench seat with a camo cover
Heavy on the throttle
Ain’t a mile of road left undiscovered
A spot you didn’t park
Lay her down and love her
It’s only everything you ever wanted
16 in a 1500

Stream the track here.

“Everything She Ain’t” – Hailey Whitters

Rising star Hailey Whitters recently released “Everything She Ain’t” as the first single off of RAISED, her highly anticipated third album. Whitters wrote this song with Bryan Simpson and Ryan Tyndell in roughly one hour. This clever melody is confident and compares herself to the woman the man she loves, loves. The chorus, while self-explanatory, grants the listener with very specific details and one-liners, causing them to stop in awe of the correlation. The chorus includes lines such as:

Yeah boy I can be
The whiskey in your soda,
The lime to your Corona
Shotgun in your Tacoma,
The Audrey to your Hank
She’s got a little style and a Hollywood smile
But believe me, honey, good as money in the bank
I’m everything she is, and everything she ain’t

Stream the track here.

“New to Nashville” – Raleigh Keegan

Raleigh Keegan felt that “New to Nashville” was the perfect first release off his new EP, A Tale of 7 Cities – which he produced with Chad Judd. This song reflects on his own journey to living out his dream in Nashville, even when things got hard. Keegan’s brand-new concept record will have each track dedicated to a different city. Written alongside Daniel Leathersich and Ryan Brisotti, Keegan “wanted to start with Nashville because it’s where I am now.” 

Stream the track here.

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