Parmalee Debuts Music Video for Viral Hit, ‘Take My Name’

Country hitmakers Parmalee just released the music video for their romantic ballad, “Take My Name.” The track – penned by Matt Thomas,…


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May 25, 2022

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Photo Courtesy Parmalee

Country hitmakers Parmalee just released the music video for their romantic ballad, “Take My Name.”

The track – penned by Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, and David Fanning – was immediately a favorite among fans after the platinum-selling band gave a snippet via TikTok. It has since turned into a Top 5 hit and continues to climb the charts.

The music video was filmed in Gallatin, TN and was directed by Shane Drake. The storyline captures the love story of a young couple falling in love from middle school to high school to adulthood. The video features the band’s frontman Matt Thomas, an original 1968 Mustang Shelby GT 350, and children from a local school.

In addition to the music video, Parmalee released a new edition of the song – “Take My Name (Wedding Version).” The gentle, piano-driven melody acts as the perfect first-dance song for couples; The band has even crashed a few weddings to surprise newlyweds with a performance of the track.

With more than 135 million global on-demand streams, “Take My Name” took the charts and surpassed Parmalee’s previous No. 1 hit, “Just the Way” with Blanco Brown. TikTok users have played the love song over proposal and wedding videos captioning the sound with “If your man doesn’t make you feel this way then what are you doing?”

Matt Thomas of Parmalee shares, “From the jump, the fans have really latched onto this song in such an amazing, lifechanging way—our fans have been the reason for so many of our own major milestones, so it means that much more to us that folks are our song for their proposals and weddings and allowing us to be a part of those major moments in their lives. We wanted to pay tribute to the fans who have been on this journey with us since the beginning so in the music video you’ll see a story of love and loyalty unfold across the years—but don’t expect to see any weddings or proposals—the fan created-videos far exceed anything we could depict. We love watching them.”

Part of their newly released record, For You“Take My Name” is one of the 13 tracks included on the record. Primarily written by Parmalee lead singer Matt Thomas, For You reflects on personal experiences Thomas has been through as well as connects to fans through the lyrics and harmonies. 

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