Parmalee Marks A Decade Of Grand Ole Opry Performances With A Sentimental Three-Song Set

Parmalee recently celebrated 10 years of performing at the Grand Ole Opry.  The group, formed by brothers Matt Thomas (lead…


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July 20, 2023


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Parmalee; Photo by Joseph Llanes

Parmalee recently celebrated 10 years of performing at the Grand Ole Opry. 

The group, formed by brothers Matt Thomas (lead singer), and Scott Thomas (Drummer), cousin Barry Knox (Bass Guitar), and longtime friend Joshua McSwain (Guitar) performed a three-song set in honor of a decade of Opry appearances. 

Opening with their newest single “Girl In Mine,” followed by Billboard’s No. 1 Country Airplay song, “Take My Name,” Parmalee had the Opry crowd singing along.

Photo ID (L-R): JoJamie Hahr (BMG), Jenn Tressler (Opry), 
Parmalee’s Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Scott Thomas, Matt Thomas, and Opry’s Jordan Pettit and Dan Rogers.
Photo Credit: David Fanning
Photo ID (L-R): JoJamie Hahr (BMG), Jenn Tressler (Opry), Parmalee’s Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Scott Thomas, Matt Thomas, and Opry’s Jordan Pettit and Dan Rogers. Photo Credit: David Fanning

For the final song of the set, Matt Thomas captured the hearts of the audience with his introduction to the group’s first No.1 single, “Carolina.”

“This song I’m going to play right now, it changed our lives. You guys changed our lives with this song, but I’ve got to tell you a little story,” Matt said while standing in the sacred Opry Circle. “We went in the studio and recorded the first version of this song back in 2007. Our buddy that was helping us out with the money, as most bands have somebody that kind of helps you out here and there. Well, he wrote us a check to pay the guy $11,000 for the studio and the check bounced.”

Matt continued, “So, we owed this guy 11 grand for the three or four songs we recorded and the only person I felt comfortable asking to help out was my mom. She took out a second mortgage on our house, a little 3 bedroom house, and wrote a check for $11,000. She hadn’t heard one song from those recordings.”

YouTube video

He went on to reveal that thanks to the success of the track, they were able to pay his mom back for the loan – and then some. 

“Here’s the kicker ya’ll, one of those songs was ‘Carolina.’ We paid her back plus 20 percent and a new car, so here’s to all mommas and daddies out there supporting your babies and your dreamers y’all! I want to dedicate this one to my mom, Sharon Corey!”

A loud applause erupted from the crowd as Parmalee exited the stage and got ready to head out of Nashville for a weekend full of shows.

Parmalee is a modern country group with the perfect amount of southern country, pop, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. They see their line of work as a family business, and that’s what sets them apart from other bands.

They’ve been highly successful with No.1 hits, and have toured with many of the genre’s top stars. Some of those hits include Top 10 hits “Close Your Eyes,” and “Already Callin’ You Mine.” Parmalee also collaborated with Blanco Brown on the No.1 platinum-certified track “Just The Way.”

The band will continue touring throughout the summer. Parmalee will join Russell Dickerson on his Big Wheels and Back Roads Tour in September.

Parmalee On Tour

Country Thunder Wisconsin 2023              Twin Lakes, WI                               July 21

Ozark Empire Fairgrounds                         Springfield, MO                               July 28

Riverton Field Of Dreams                           Riverton, IL                                     July 29

Bernie’s Beach Bar                                     Hampton Beach, NH                   August 1

Chemung County Fairgrounds                   Horseheads, NY                         August 2

Big Valley Jamboree 2023                         Camrose, Canada                       August 4

County Line COuntry                                  Prairie Du Chien, WI                   August 5

Missouri State Fairgrounds Grandstand    Sedalia, Mo                                 August 10

Iowa State Fairgrounds                              Des Moines, IA                           August 11

Firelake Fireflight Balloon Festival             Shawnee, OK                             August 12

Jacksonville State University                      Jacksonville, AL                          August 17

COuntry Thunder Alberta 2023                  Calgary, Canada                         August 18

Fallsview Casino Resort                             Niagara Falls, Canada                August 22

Jenks Club                                                  Point Pleasant Beach, NJ           August 23

Koussevitzky Music Shed                           Lenox, MA                                   August 24

Freeman Arts Pavillion                               Selbyville, De                              August 26

Filene Center At Wolf Trap                         Vienna, VA                                  August 27

Rose Music Center At The Heights            Huber Heights, Oh                      August 29

Pavilion At Ravinia                                      Highland Park, IL                        August 30

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort             Cherokee, NC                             September 1

Credit One Stadium                                    Charleston, SC                           September 2

Orion Amphitheater                                     Huntsville, AL                              September 6

Brandon Amphitheater                                Brandon, MS                               September 7

Radians Amphitheater                                Memphis, TN                              September 8

Clay County Fair                                         Spencer, IA                                 September 9

Surly Brewing Co.                                       Minneapolis, MN                         September 11

McGrath Amphitheatre                                Cedar Rapids, IA                        September 12

Hall 224                                                       Lansing, MI                                 September 14

Paxton Swine ‘N’ Dine                                Paxton, IL                                    September 16

The National                                               Richmond, VA                             September 21

Alex T Duffy Fairgrounds                            Watertown, NY                           September 22

MGM Music Hall At Fenway                       Boston, MA                                 September 23

BeachLife Festival                                      Redondo Beach, CA                   September 24

Plaza Theatre                                             Glasgow, KY                               October 6

Country Thunder Bristol 2023                    Bristol, TN                                   October 7

District142- Live Music & Event Venue      Wyandotte, MI                            October 19

The Dusty Armadillo                                   Rootstown, OH                           October 20

Country Thunder Florida 2023                   Kissimmee, FL                            October 22

Bayou Music Center                                   Houston, TX                                November 3

SOuth Side Ballroom                                  Dallas, TX                                   November 4

Hertz Arena                                                 Estero, FL                                   November 11

Knix Festival To Desert Sky Music Festival   Phoenix, AZ                                November 18

Blue Gate Performing Arts Center             Shipshewana, IN                        December 29

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