Priscilla Block Continues To Be Her Most Authentic Self On New Deluxe Album: ‘That’s What Fans Expect From Me’

“I feel like at this point, that’s what fans expect from me, is to be raw, to be real, to be super vulnerable,” she explains.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 10, 2023

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Priscilla Block; Photo by Britton Lee

Priscilla Block has quickly become known for her authentic lyrics and relatable persona and she continues to share the “raw” and”real” moments of her life on the just-released deluxe edition of her debut album, Welcome to the Block Party. 

She took to social media to announce the news of her expanded project along with her latest release, “Me Pt. 2,” which gives fans a delicate first taste of the new music.

A Real-Life Experience Led To “Me Pt. 2”

With “Me Pt. 2,” the rising country star showed fans a different side to her as she openly shared what it felt like to see her ex with someone new that, strangely enough, looked just like her. Running into a person from her past was difficult in itself, but seeing the similarities between her and his new fling resulted in what she described as “a sinking feeling.”

Sitting down to write this song after a night on the town, the Raleigh, NC native took a step back from her upbeat party anthems to lay out a vulnerable sequence of raw emotions at a time of self-reflection in what she considers to be one of her most countryfied songs. Not only does it hold a special place in her heart because of the true honesty she recalls after a night out, but also because she wrote it completely on her own. 

“I went to the bar one night, as I do, and as I was leaving, I passed my ex-boyfriend and he was with his new girlfriend. My heart just seriously sunk. Like I saw the girl and I had to do a double take because I’m like, ‘oh my gosh. She literally looks just like me’ and it’s that feeling of being like, ‘am I not good enough?’ Like, the worst feeling in the entire world,” she told Country Now. “I went home and I remember I grabbed my guitar, I sat down on the floor, had dog hair all over my butt, and I remember just writing. I was like, ‘I hope you’re happy. You found me part two.’ And I literally just wrote the song.” 

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Rest assured, the soothing country song is still laced with Priscilla Block’s spirited confidence and ability to pick herself up off the floor even in the midst of some of life’s toughest moments. 

“I feel like at this point, that’s what fans expect from me, is to be raw, to be real, to be super vulnerable, and I never want my music to not feel like that. I think that’s where some of the best songs come from, is being honest and sharing the story of how it happened. So it’s really exciting for me to, you know, bring something new that the fans really haven’t heard.”

The idea to expand her project came after the release of her successful party anthem, “Off The Deep End,” which will serve as the last track on the deluxe edition, which is out now. This song features intoxicating lyrics, shows off Block’s bright personality as she lets loose on the dance floor, and serves as an inspiration to keep the fun going on her latest collection. 

“That was a pretty big song for me, and in the recording process, there were a couple of other songs that I was like, ‘you know, should we put them on the album?’” Block explained. “I was like, ‘why don’t we?’ It’s important to continue putting out music, and I’m like, ‘why don’t we put the album out and then add some more songs to it?’ I really felt like these next four songs fit in this first album, I really felt like they belonged with Welcome to the Block Party.”

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The 16-track collection will include four new songs that each touch on their own vibes, according to the singer/songwriter. “Off The Deep End” covers the upbeat, fun side, “Me Pt. 2” delivers the soulful, country side, and the energy of the other two fill in the gaps between both ends of the spectrum.

“Getting Even,” is a song Block wrote years ago. With this deluxe project, it’s finally getting the chance to see the light of day and incorporate some sass into the overall theme. Then, there’s “Little Bit,” which marks the start of the deluxe version. Block described this new tune as “a great road trip song” because of how easy it all flows together.

“You, Me, & Whiskey”

In addition to sharing new music as part of her deluxe project, Priscilla Block is also turning heads with her impressive collaboration with country music superstar, Justin Moore. Together, they recorded the song, “You, Me, and Whiskey,” which was penned by Jessi Alexander, Brock Berryhill, and Cole Taylor, and produced by Jeremy Stover and Scott Borchetta.

“I was so honored when he asked me to be on the song. You know, when I heard the song, I literally felt like I wrote it. It’s just a very me type song. So I feel like it was like the easiest ‘Yes’ ever.”

She continued, “Justin’s had a really successful career, so I feel like I can learn a lot from him and him with me too with, you know, this whole new like online presence that we all kind of have to do.”

Block revealed that she used to cover Moore’s songs on stage, and now, after making a fan-favorite track together, they’re on tour together for The You, Me, & Whiskey Tour. The trek kicked off earlier this month and will make several stops before wrapping up in Coralville, IA on April 22.

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“There will probably a lot of whiskey had, but yeah, I’m excited,” Block shared ahead of the launch of the tour. “It’s gonna be so much fun and I’m excited to also be able to get to play in front of his fans too, you know?”

Later this year, Priscilla Block will keep the momentum going when she joins country music icon Shania Twain on the Queen of Me Tour. 

To view a complete list of Block’s upcoming tour dates, click HERE.

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