Priscilla Block Ushers In New Musical Era With ‘Hey, Jack’

Block admits she’s “evolved a lot” since the release of her debut album.


Madeleine O’Connell

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November 16, 2023


11:29 am

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Priscilla Block; Photo by Britton Lee

Priscilla Block has become known for her empowering energy and her fashion-forward looks that often feature her signature neon construction vests and chunky platform boots. While she is still keeping that fun side of her alive as she steps into the next era of her career, she’s also introducing a bit more of a mature and sultry image, starting with her latest single, “Hey, Jack.”

Going into the writer’s room as the only female alongside Randy Montana, Dave Cohen and Jeremy Stover, Block felt a creative surge when presented with the opportunity to write a song that wasn’t centered around any specific person. This turned into a whole new direction that saw the rising star having a conversation with a bottle of whiskey, Jack Daniels to be specific. 

“I have so many songs that it’s directed towards a person or myself and this song, instead of calling an ex, you’re calling on some whiskey to make some bad decisions. And talking to the whiskey was really cool,” she told Country Now of the tune that dropped November 10 via UMG Nashville.

Priscilla Block; Photo by Britton Lee
Priscilla Block; Photo by Britton Lee

At the time the song was penned, Block was still reeling from the excitement of earning her first No. 1 at country radio with her and Justin Moore’s duet, “You, Me, And Whiskey.” She carried this high into the room with her fellow songwriters and together, they kept the “moody vibe” going with “Hey, Jack.” “After we wrote it, I was like, whoa. I really feel like this is the start of a new era for me,” she admitted. 

Sultry New Video

The creativity continued to flow onto the set of the “Hey, Jack” music video where Block showed a more sultry and intimate side to her. Taking place inside an apartment with stunning city views at dusk, the “My Bar” singer set the tone for the revengeful heartbreak tune as she donned a black lace set covered by a silky brown sheet. This video directed by Britton Webb displayed a feeling of empowerment that comes from Block as she sought after a way to get over the pain of the mysterious “Jack,” who seems to be the enticement for some bad decisions. 

“There were three people in the room when we made this video. We were able to be like, ‘let’s do this here and let’s do that.’ So I was really hands-on with it,” Block revealed of the filming process. “And with the whole start of a new era, you see me with my hair down and kind of a sexier side of me, but you also see the Priscilla that everyone knows with my hair up and you see the safety vest in the mirror and I got my chunky shoes on and the hoops and everything. But there’s some new flavor there that the fans really haven’t seen yet.”

YouTube video

What Does This New Musical Era Look Like?

When asked to further explain what this new chapter looks like moving forward, the North Carolina native took a moment to reflect on all she’s accomplished since releasing her debut album, Welcome To The Block Party, in 2022. 

“I’ve evolved a lot,” she admitted. “So people might hear some songs that they’re like, ‘Whoa, I wasn’t expecting her to show this side’ and I think it’s exciting for me to give people something that they haven’t seen or heard yet from me. We’ve been in this new artist category for a while, and I’m hoping that this next record makes some waves. That’s kind of what I’m hoping with it.”

She went on to say that her next collection is already in the works and she is “so excited” for fans to finally hear everything she’s been working on behind the scenes.

“We’ve been working really, really hard and I’ve been writing a lot and I think everyone’s gonna be really excited.”

Priscilla Block; Photo by Britton Lee
Priscilla Block; Photo by Britton Lee

In addition to building out this new music, Priscilla Block is preparing to embark on another headlining tour in 2024. The recently announced Hey, Jack Tour will kick off in San Diego, CA on February 7 and continue throughout May with stops across North America. Ryan Larkins has been tapped to serve as the special guest on the upcoming run. 

This tour will follow Priscilla’s time on the road in support of Shania Twain’s Queen of Me Tour this past summer and Old Dominion’s extended No Bad Vibes Tour that has several dates left before the year comes to a close.

Will Live Out A ‘Full-Circle’ Moment At Bridgestone Arena

Block will soon reunite with Old Dominion on their trek through arenas during their final stop at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Dec. 15. This show will serve as a milestone moment for Block, marking her debut in the venue located in the heart of Music City. 

“I used to play outside of the Bridgestone Arena at the Jack Daniels bar every single weekend for tips so this has been a big goal of mine. I’m just excited, it’s a full circle moment,” she shared while reflecting on the stature of the upcoming show. “I remember playing those shows and being like, ‘One day, hopefully y’all will see me in there.’ And here we are. I’m so thankful to Old Dominion for having me out. I think it’s going to be a big old party,” she added in conclusion. 

To stay up-to-date with everything Priscilla Block has going on, between her next headlining run and forthcoming album, visit her official website HERE

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