Releasing ‘Lady’ Was An ‘Obvious Choice’ For Brett Young

“I hope it really resonates with people,” Young says.


Lauren Jo Black

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June 8, 2020

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Brett Young; Photo By Riker Brothers

Brett Young is showing off his sentimental side with the release of his brand new single, “Lady.”

Penned in honor of his wife and daughter, “Lady” finds Young crooning over his undying love for his baby girl and confessing that he hopes she follows in her mother’s footsteps.

“I hope you look just like your momma/ And love her like I do/ You’ll see close to perfect patience/ If you watch your every move/ You can always run to daddy/ You’ll always be my baby, but/ Look at her, baby girl/ And you’ll learn/ How to be a lady/ Just how to be a lady,” Young sings on the chorus.

In a recent interview with his record label, the proud new father shared why he feels this was the right time to release the poignant new song.

“In this chapter of my life, it is the most obvious choice for a first single as we’re putting out new music, and so I hope it’s as meaningful to people listening that have children or a family or are planning to,” he explained. “It is really, really special to my wife and I. I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to hear it and understand it and know that Daddy wrote her a song before she was even here with us. But it’s a special song for me and I hope it really resonates with people.”

The release of “Lady” follows Young’s sixth consecutive chart-topping single, ”Catch.” The piano-driven ballad opens with the sound of a fetal heartbeat, which begins to fade away as Young’s irresistible vocals take over.

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