Restless Road Unveils Captivating Music Video for ‘Last Rodeo’ – A Tale of Triumph Over Adversity

“We’re all about perseverance and this song gets that message across in a really exciting way,” the band shared.


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August 28, 2023


9:36 am

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Restless Road – Last Rodeo

Restless Road put their acting skills on display in the just-released music video for the title track to their upcoming album, Last Rodeo.

The Gus Black-directed video finds the rising trio made up of Zach Beeken, Colton Pack and Garrett Nichols bringing the tune to life as they each embrace a different character that’s enduring their own set of hardships. Individually, they battle heartbreak, addiction and pain before finding the motivation to push past their struggles and get their lives back on track.

Throughout the clip, their cinematic portrayals are intertwined with footage of the band performing inside an empty rodeo arena.  

“Sometimes life throws you into the dirt,” Beeken shared via press release. “So we wrote ‘Last Rodeo’ from a place of empowerment and not letting anyone or anything get you down. We’re all about perseverance and this song gets that message across in a really exciting way.”

Co-penned by each of the band members along with Lindsay Rimes and Trannie Anderson, “Last Rodeo” offers a taste of Restless Road’s powerhouse harmonies as they let their hard-hitting storytelling skills take the lead. Despite hitting some bumps along the way, they’re determined to put their heartache behind them and prepare for a new “sunset to run into.” 

“This ain’t my last rodeo / I might be bruised, but I ain’t broke / Back in the saddle, back on the road / This ain’t the first time or the last time that I’ll ride, ride, ride / Off to the next, straight out the gate / You think I’m down, but just you wait / I’ll dust off this heart, put on a show this ain’t my last rodeo,” they sing on the chorus. 


YouTube video

“Last Rodeo” serves as the title track to the trio’s upcoming debut album, available October 20.  In anticipation of the upcoming project, the band shared a two-minute trailer that chronicles their musical journey up until this point. 

Restless Road - Last Rodeo
Restless Road – Last Rodeo

As images flashed across the screen showcasing the beginning stage of their career all the way up to the present day, viewers see a wave of growth among the country singers. Along with the inspiring slideshow, each of the band members takes a moment to reflect on how far they’ve come and the dreams they continue to reach along the way. 

“If you would have told us a few years ago that we would be where we are today we wouldn’t have believed you,” Restless Road said in the clip. “We’ve been through so many ups and downs as a band, and that’s what this is about. Never giving up and always keeping your eyes on the road.”

They continued, “It’s about believing in yourself even when people tell you no, and persevering until your dreams become a reality. And that’s why the three of us are so excited for the biggest thing we’ve done yet.”

YouTube video

The 18-track album is set to feature brand new tunes from the band as well as previously released songs such as “Last Rodeo,” “I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy,” “Sundown Somewhere,” “On My Way,” their breakout success “Growing Old With You” and fan favorite “Bar Friends.” 

Fans got another sneak peek of the project through the band’s newest release, “Roll Tide Roll.” 

Out Friday, August 11, the pain-filled heartbreak ballad finds the band illustrating the hardship of trying to get over an Alabama girl who stole a heart and then tossed it all away before a spring break trip to Mexico. Although the forlorn character tries to forget her, he seems to be reminded of that crimson red and white everywhere he goes. 

Co-written by members Garrett Nichols and Zach Beeken alongside Kyle Sturrock, “Roll Tide Roll” displays the trio’s baritone vocals and effortless harmonies among the delicate guitar picks and steel guitar that adds an extra dose of that traditional country sound.   

“Roll tide roll wash the pain right out my soul / I don’t wanna miss her no more but I can’t help it / ‘Cause I got Bama on my mind even here in Mexico / oh why / Oh why, did my roll tide roll,” they sing together on the chorus. 

Last Rodeo will follow the trio’s self-titled debut EP as well as a string of singles that also brought milestone performances including on ABC’s The Bachelor and their 2021 debut at the Grand Ole Opry. 

Restless Road had a strong start to their year. They kicked things off with a tour in Europe and UK with Kane Brown and have continued to make their presence known through a variety of performances and events throughout the summer. 

Beginning Sept. 21, they will return to the road in support of Russell Dickerson’s Big Wheels & Backroads Tour while also performing at various festivals along the way.  

For a full list of upcoming tour dates, visit Restless Road’s official website HERE.

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