Scotty McCreery Discusses The Creative Spark of Late-Night Songwriting And Future Gospel Record

After a writing excursion in the mountains of North Carolina, the talented singer-songwriter is ready to kickstart a brand new era of music.


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September 19, 2023


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Scotty McCreery; Photo By Andrew Wendowski

Scotty McCreery fans, get ready because the chart-topping singer/songwriter has a lot of new music on the way. 

With a brand new musical era on the horizon, the country crooner has a slew of new tunes on the way that are sure to be topping the charts in no time, beginning with the release of “Cab In A Solo” just last month.

On August 18, the McCreery dropped the hot new track on all music streaming platforms, quickly garnering positive feedback from country music lovers across the globe.

“Cab In A Solo”

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Crafted by McCreery, along with Frank Rogers and Brent Anderson, and brought to life by producers Rogers, Derek Wells, and Aaron Eshuis, ‘Cab in a Solo’ presents listeners with the initial glimpse of fresh material from McCreery, following his 2021 album, Same Truck. 

Fusing elements of neotraditional country and a touch of 90’s country nostalgia, the heartbreak song takes McCreery, a happily married father, into uncharted emotional territory as he reflects on a past relationship that has come to an end.

To elaborate on the history of the song, McCreery took to social media to share how exactly “Cab In A Solo” came to be, all while simultaneously teasing some new music that he has been working on as of late.

North Carolina Writing Retreat

“Took some buddies up to the mountains of North Carolina to do nothing but write some country music. I’m proud to say one of those songs turned out to be one of my favorites I’ve ever written. ‘Cab In A Solo’ is out August 18th. Presave at the link in my bio,” the country superstar shared via Instagram, prior to the song’s release.

While a majority of his new music will stem from this successful writing excursion, McCreery has been working on some brand-new tunes via Zoom. 

“Zoom writing has changed my world. I’m writing at the beach, I’m writing in the mountains, I’m writing on the road,” McCreery recently shared with Country Now and other media outlets in Nashville. “I used to come in for two weeks straight and do two-a-days… I’d just write in the morning and write at night, because that’s the only way I could write with my buddies.”

Scotty McCreery; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Scotty McCreery; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Late-Night Writes

The 29-year-old then proceeded to give some insight as to what the writing process was like for his forthcoming album, revealing that “the fun writes are when you get to do late night stuff, and you know, everybody’s got a glass of wine, and we’ve been writing all day… I feel like that’s when the ideas kind of pop out that you wouldn’t normally say, because you know, it’s a letting loose kind of thing.”

“We got a couple of songs on the record that came from those writes. One came at 2 AM, and one came I think at midnight, and it’s just like, ‘Oh, we wouldn’t normally write this,’ but it’s fun and it’s different,” the North Carolina native teased.

While “Cab In A Solo” is the first glimpse into the new music that McCreery has on the horizon, that is not the only type of song that will be featured on his upcoming project.

Photo Courtesy Scotty McCreery
Photo Courtesy Scotty McCreery

In fact, the country legend revealed that he will be incorporating his faith into his forthcoming album on at least one of the tracks: “We just recorded a gospel song yesterday to go on the record… That’s what we ended the whole day with, so it’s something that’s important to me.”

Sets Sights On A Gospel Record

Gospel music is something that fans are yet to see from McCreery, however, creating a faith-based record has always been something that has piqued his interest.

“I would love to make a gospel record,” the North Carolina native gushed. “I think one of my favorite Elvis records was his gospel record, you know, and I feel like one of my heroes growing up was Josh Turner (as a lot of folks know), and he just got the chance to make a gospel record, so it’s a goal of mine, you know, one day. I’m not sure if that’ll be in five years or ten years, but it’s a goal of mine to be able to do that.”

“Faith, family and friends… You gotta keep it in the center part of life. Otherwise, you know, it’s a little crazy,” he concluded with a beaming smile.

To keep up with the one-of-a-kind artist and all of the new music that he has on the way, be sure to connect with him on Instagram.

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