Taylor Kerr of Maddie & Tae Talks ‘Heart They Didn’t Break,’ Navigating Motherhood With Her Bestie, And More

2023 might just be the year of the Maddie & Tae Renaissance everyone has been waiting for.


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September 19, 2023


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Fans who have been missing hearing Maddie & Tae on the airwaves are in luck. The duo’s soon-to-be smash hit, “Heart They Didn’t Break,” is officially at country radio now. 

Written by Benjy Davis, Anna Vaus and Ryan Beaver and produced by Corey Crowder, “Heart They Didn’t Break” tells the tale of a true friendship, beautifully exemplifying the one-of-a-kind bond Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr have had with one another over the years.

“Our friendship has gotten us through so many phases of life,” the award-winning duo previously shared in a statement. “We feel like this song captures that sentiment so beautifully, and we are excited to share it.”

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Described as the soul sister of “Die From A Broken Heart,” “Heart They Didn’t Break” is bound to be another success for Maddie & Tae.

Fans have already been streaming the song like crazy since its release back in June, as well as reacting positively to the hot new track when it was teased during the pair’s All Song No Static Tour earlier this year.

“I have a couple favorite memories from this past touring season,” Taylor Kerr recently revealed to Country Now and other media outlets. “One of them was the response that we got from ‘Heart They Didn’t Break.’ That was really special, you know, playing a brand new song, not knowing how our fans were going to receive it, and then it being received so well.”

Due to the success of the song on tour, Maddie & Tae ultimately landed on the decision to send “Heart They Didn’t Break” to country radio. In the same interview, Kerr reminisced on her first time hearing herself on the radio, as well as how excited she is for “Heart They Didn’t Break” to bring those emotions back to her and her duo partner.

“I do still get butterflies,” she gushed. “I haven’t heard our song on the radio in a minute, so when I hear it again, it’ll feel really cool, but I’ll never forget the first time. Maybe it was cheating a little bit, because ‘Girl In A Country Song’ had just come out and there was like a list of radio stations that I knew that were playing it, so I would download their app and I would just wait for them to play it. It wasn’t organic… I sort of cheated a little bit because I was just so excited, but yeah, that feeling never gets old.”

“If I hear ‘Heart They Didn’t Break’ just organically on the radio, I might have a little imposter syndrome,” the 28-year-old concluded with a giggle.

Although hearing the fans react to “Heart They Didn’t Break” was one of Kerr’s favorite memories from the All Song No Static Tour, “another favorite was seeing the audience react to Maddie’s adorable giant belly every night.”

“I think a lot of people obviously knew that she was pregnant, but some people still didn’t, and she would just go out there and dance and work that belly, and I loved it. It was the cutest thing ever, and she crushed it,” the songstress dished.

Speaking of Maddie’s pregnancy, after giving birth to her first child named Forrest Henry earlier this month, the talented singer-songwriter is officially a mother. With both members Maddie and Tae having children of their own, Kerr gushed about what she is most excited to do with her duo partner now that they will be navigating motherhood together.

“It’s really just like the little things of motherhood that we’ve always been so excited to do together, like pushing our babies in our stroller and maybe having a glass of wine while we do it. Just, you know, being best friends and figuring it out together,” she shared with a beaming smile, prior to revealing their plans for Halloween.

“We’ve been talking about going to Boo at the Zoo,” Taylor teased. “I don’t know if any of you local Nashvillians know what that is, but at the Nashville Zoo, they have something called Boo at the Zoo. It’s basically just the zoo decorated for Halloween, but they have little stations where you get candy, and we’ve already picked out our Halloween costumes.”

“Leighton’s going to be a pink dinosaur, and then me and my husband are going to be park rangers… For Maddie, Forrest is going to be E.T. and then she’s going to be Gertie, and Jonah’s going to be, I keep blanking on the guy’s name, Elliot. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the movie, but it’s going to be cute,” the Oklahoma native explained.

Maddie & Tae; Photo by Timothy Hiehle
Maddie & Tae; Photo by Timothy Hiehle

Maddie & Tae will have plenty of time to soak up snuggles from their kiddos before they return to the road on December 1 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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