Scotty McCreery Reveals Exciting Plans For Son Avery’s Upcoming First Birthday Bash

It sounds like a ‘Toy Story’ party is in the works!


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September 21, 2023


3:12 pm

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Scotty McCreery and Son, Avery; Photos Courtesy Instagram

If there is one thing that Scotty McCreery loves more than making country music, it is his family – with one look at his Instagram profile (which has amassed over 700k followers), this is as clear as can be!

McCreery is known for sharing a great deal of his personal life on social media, especially his relationship with his wife, Gabi, and their 11-month-old son, Merrick Avery McCreery.

Matching Football Jerseys

Most recently, the talented singer-songwriter shared a photo of him and Avery in matching New England Patriots jerseys, celebrating the “first football weekend of the year.” 

As if McCreery’s Instagram profile does not have enough adorable family photos, there are bound to be some more next month, as Avery will be celebrating his first birthday on October 24.

First Birthday Coming Soon

With Avery’s first birthday right around the corner, the country crooner and his wife have some big plans to celebrate, which he revealed to Country Now and other media outlets during a recent conversation in Nashville. 

“I think we are having a Toy Story party for Avery, so I would imagine that I’ll be Woody, if I had to guess,” the 29-year-old shared with a beaming smile. “Everybody’s coming over dressed as a Toy Story character, and we’ve already got his outfit picked out.”

Scotty McCreery and Family; Photo Courtesy Instagram
Scotty McCreery and Family; Photo Courtesy Instagram

To follow this exciting announcement, the country superstar couldn’t help but gush about his son’s love for the classic Disney film, which was a major part of his childhood as well: “He really likes Toy Story, and I loved Toy Story growing up. I always kind of felt like I was Andy, you know, like we grew up at the same age, so yeah… He loves Winnie the Pooh, and that was Gabi’s favorite growing up, but like he’ll wake up and just point at the Pooh bear by his crib and like ask for it immediately, so Gabi loves that.”

Toy Story-Themed Party

“I love the Toy Story thing, and, I mean, you can only do so many characters for Winnie the Pooh for a first birthday, so Toy Story won out,” McCreery concluded.

With all of the cuteness aside, the North Carolina native dove in deeper about his relationship with his family, as well as how he manages to stay grounded during all of the craziness that being a country music superstar entails.

Scotty McCreery and Family; Photo Courtesy Gabi McCreery on Instagram
Scotty McCreery and Family; Photo Courtesy Gabi McCreery on Instagram

“If it’s important to you, you just have to be intentional about it,” McCreery explained. “You can ask anybody on my team: If I’m off, I’m off… If I’m home, I’m with my family, and I’ll make time to get back to you, because this has probably been the busiest year of my life as far as the road and making an album in between the road.”

“This week we go to Oklahoma, then we go to Texas, and then we fly to California… As soon as I’m off the stage, I’m going to the airport and I’m flying back to North Carolina on the same day so I can have 36 hours with my family before I come back to Nashville,” he continued.

“It ain’t easy. We just gotta make it work… I love my family and I love my friends, so I try to make time,” he said. 

With some must-see family photos on the horizon (as well as some brand-new tunes), fans can be sure to keep up with Scotty McCreery on Instagram for the latest updates.

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