See Inside The Journey Of Jelly Roll’s Mouth Transformation

“I want a pretty smile,” Jelly Roll declared.


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March 12, 2024

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Jelly Roll; Photos via TikTok

Jelly Roll is taking self-care seriously in 2024, and that includes making dental care a priority. The superstar’s wife, Bunnie XO took to TikTok to share a look into his recent trip to the dentist, during which he revealed that he’s getting “mouth reconstructive surgery.”

What Kind Of Dental Work Did He Have Done?

“I’ve had these same veneers for 20 years, I’m finally getting them replaced,” the “Save Me” singer explained while laid back in the dental chair, hooked up to tubes in preparation for the procedure. 

Jelly Roll; Photo via TikTok
Jelly Roll; Photo via TikTok

On top of getting the veneers replaced, he’s also taking this opportunity to get some implants, fill a few cavities, and even get his wisdom teeth pulled out. 

“I’m doing a lot of sh*t,” he added. 

Jelly Roll Brings A Bit Of Humor Wherever He Goes

Despite the fact that he was about to undergo a lot of stress on his mouth, Jelly Roll’s positive spirit and comedic personality stayed intact, never showing any signs of fear. When asked how he was feeling, he smirked and said, “Sexy,” earning a round of laughter from those in the room.

He then took a more serious tone as he said, “I feel great, man. I feel like I’m finally taking care of stuff. I want a pretty smile.”

@xomgitsbunnie Sweet boy 🥹 #jellyandbunnie ♬ Acoustic Folk Instrumental – Yunusta

Bunnie, who is always by her husband’s side to lend support, said she was proud of him for taking care of his health. This prompted Jelly Roll to reflect on his childhood when he was made fun of and picked on for having what he deemed to be an “ugly smile.”

In the final clip of the video, the Tennessee native appeared to have made it out of the surgery and admitted he “slept well” under the sedation. 

Fans Show Their Support

Many fans took to the comment section of the video to wish him well on his journey to having a bright new smile.

One user wrote, “So proud of you. Hope your recovery goes well,” while another said, “Awwwww, so excited for him!!! His inner child will truly be able to smile 😘💖”

Others even said that seeing him take his health seriously has motivated them to do the same.

“’ I’m finally taking care of stuff’. Me too Jelly. It’s time for our glow-up. ✨”

Jelly Roll; Photo Courtesy RODEOHOUSTON®
Jelly Roll; Photo Courtesy RODEOHOUSTON®

A Memorable Performance At RODEOHOUSTON

Last week, he performed his biggest show at RODEOHOUSTON to a crowd of 73,494 country fans. Throughout his performance, he took the audience on a journey showcasing his days as a rapper all the way to his present career as a genre-bending country star. He even welcomed a few surprise appearances by his wife, Bunnie XO and fellow country singer, Cody Johnson. Before making the live debut of their duet “Whiskey Bent” off Johnson’s newest album, Leather, Jelly Roll gushed over one of his “best friends in country music.”

“Behind the scenes, Cody Johnson has been one of my best friends in country music. Since I came to country music, he has been a mentor, he has been a big brother, he has been my favorite person to talk to at 2 o’clock in the morning,” he shared. “We’ll hangout on the phone and talk about life, God, the country music business and how much we both love country music.”

At the end of the memorable night, fireworks flared around the stage and Jelly Roll made one final statement before concluding his set. He humbly yelled into the mic, “Thank you for making my dream come true.”

Jelly Roll; Photo By Andy Pollitt
Jelly Roll; Photo By Andy Pollitt

Beautifully Broken Tour Coming This Summer

Next up, Jelly Roll will embark on his biggest headline tour to date. The Beautifully Broken Tour kicks off Tuesday, August 27 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and runs through Sunday, October 27 where he will bring things to a close in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Jelly Roll has tapped emerging country stars, Warren Zeiders and Alexandra Kay to join him on the road as support. 

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