Six Things You Didn’t Know About Russell Dickerson’s ‘Southern Symphony’ Album Experience

It has been a few months since Russell Dickerson released his second album, Southern Symphony, but the buzz hasn’t died…


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 11, 2021


7:23 am

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Russell Dickerson

It has been a few months since Russell Dickerson released his second album, Southern Symphony, but the buzz hasn’t died down yet. Alongside the release of his album came the “Southern Symphony Album Experience.” Dickerson, along with his wife, Kailey, and their son, Remington, take the audience through each track on this record through a unique viewing experience. Starting with “Never Get Old” and ending with “Waiting For You My Whole Life,” it’s hard not to be captivated by every moment of the unique album experience. 

This 10-track record, filled with love, excitement and a whole lot of country, features hits like “Love You Like I Used To,” “Home Sweet” and “It’s About Time,” featuring Florida Georgia Line.

“I’m so dang proud of this album,” Dickerson previously shared. “I’d say I’ve been working on this album the last couple years, but really I’ve been writing it my entire life. From the title track ‘Southern Symphony’ that goes back to all the sounds of my childhood, to ‘Home Sweet,’ the real-life story of going from an all-inclusive honeymoon to real life being broke, then bringing a new baby into the world. This album is piled full of energy, life, and love and I could not be more proud of every second of it.”

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The country hitmaker has already shared so much of the journey that led to Southern Symphony, but there might be some things that are still unknown. Get even more insight into this project with these six, exclusive facts about Russell Dickerson’s Southern Symphony Album Experience.

Did you know?

1. RD’s friends and co-writers of a lot of the songs on the album were in the actual video. You can definitely catch them in the fire pit scene!

2. The line dance at the beginning of the video was a mash-up of line dancing and some TikTok moves that Russell created with his tour manager, Taylor, who just so happens to be from Texas.

3. The video was shot in Nashville, TN at The Dive Motel. It’s a crazy retro dive bar, motel, and swim located on Dickerson Pike… So can you say it was meant to be!?

4. To film the epic pool scene, one of the awesome cameramen hopped in the pool, with his camera in a fish tank, to shoot underwater.

5. RD’s favorite thing to do is performing at live shows. He wanted to end the video with a BANG, so he closes the video with an actual #RDParty and performs the final track of the album “Waiting For You.”

6. The Chevy Blazer you see in the opening scene is actually RD’s which he purchased himself after his first single, “Yours,” hit number one.

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