Spencer Crandall Says New Record, ‘Western,’ ‘Is A Piece Of My Heart’

Spencer Crandall’s highly anticipated fourth studio album titled, Western, is a culmination of the six deeply personal chapters he has released throughout…


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 26, 2022


12:56 pm

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Spencer Crandall; Photo by Nina Long

Spencer Crandall’s highly anticipated fourth studio album titled, Westernis a culmination of the six deeply personal chapters he has released throughout the year. 

Scorpion, Mustang, Revolver, Pickaxe, Desert and Gold all encompass Crandall’s journey through addiction, breakups, love, therapy and more. His latest full-length collection embraces the singer’s vulnerability and willingness to portray himself as an open book to his fans. 

“I think every great album should answer the questions: ‘Where are you from?” ‘Where are you now?’ and ‘Where are you going?’ … and I believe I have done just that with Western,” he said in a previous press release.

Crandall served as a co-writer on 18 out of the 20 tracks including his SiriusXM The Highway chart-topper “Made,” breakup anthem “Red Flags” and focus track, “Didn’t Do.”

In addition to his original songs, the record will also showcase his stunning renditions of Justin Bieber’s “Anyone” and Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One.” His heartfelt recording of one of Twain’s most honored songs serves as a tribute to his parent’s happy marriage that has contained over 40 years of love.

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Going into the recent release day of Western, Crandall can proudly say he has garnered over 38 million streams on the culmination of the project.

“I strive to create songs and tell stories that impact people’s lives in a meaningful way, and to say I’ve put my entire heart into this album would be an understatement. My fans can expect the most vulnerable, energetic and authentic version of myself that I have ever put out, and I’m so honored that I get to tell these stories and share them with the world.”

Within this collection, fans will experience Crandall’s high’s and lows of life, as if they are living through the same scenarios with him. His compelling vocals add to the relatable lyrics as he projects his deepest emotions from each track. The traditional country sound is laced among his unrestrained energy through the upbeat pop anthems.

“My new album, Western, is more than a collection of songs. Western is a piece of my heart. It’s my diary about the human condition and what it looks like to voraciously chase your dreams with no plan B,” Crandall shared honestly. “I couldn’t be more excited to have the whole project out, and my biggest hope is that Western finds people wherever they may be on their journey and helps them with whatever obstacles they’re going through.”

Since his career first launched in 2016, Crandall has continued to prove his rightful place in the Country music scene. Over time, he has grown a loyal following through his viral videos on social media and has racked up a quarter of a billion career streams. This new project is an example of how far the singer/songwriter has come with his craft and provides a glimpse into where his career could take him. 

The Denver, CO native recently celebrated his album release at a show in San Diego in the midst of his current headlining Western Tour. This 26-date trek kicked off earlier this month and will continue through cities including Nashville, Houston, New York, and more, until it wraps in Indianapolis, IN on January 21, 2023.

Spencer Crandall is next slated to perform on Oct. 27 in Grand Junction, CO.

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