The Unique Way Eric Church Is Honoring His Fans With His New Nashville Bar

“You’ve helped me build my career brick by brick, and I want the whole world to know that the building is yours,” Church shared.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 6, 2024

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Eric Church; Photo by Robby Klein

The countdown is on for the grand opening of Eric Church’s downtown Nashville bar, restaurant and live music venue, Chief’s. The country music superstar has dedicated years to building a successful music career “brick by brick” with the help of his fanbase known as the Church Choir, and because of that, he has taken an innovative approach to ensuring those same loyal listeners feel as though Chief’s will be their home away from home. 

Tens Of Thousands Of Fans Receive Deeds To Individual Bricks

This week, tens of thousands of fans received deeds to individual bricks that make up the six-story downtown Nashville building, making them a vital part of this new business venture. This initiative creates both a physical and digital fan club dynamic because, in addition to being given deeds, these lucky members of the Church Choir also received digital versions of their brick, which acts as a key to open exclusive content. These unique fan perks include the first of an ongoing series of digital collectibles such as never-before-heard demos, unreleased video footage, and priority entry to Chief’s.

“You’ve helped me build my career brick by brick, and I want the whole world to know that the building is yours,” Church shared directly with fans. “This is not just another club downtown. This is our house. I’ve been involved in every step of restoring this historic building into a place we can call our own and, because you’ve been with me every step of my career, I’m proud to dedicate a physical brick of the Chief’s building to each and every one of you.”

Digital Rendering of Chief's
Digital Rendering of Chief’s

Access To Exclusive Digital Content

With the new launch, fans were also provided with other digital collectibles including a “Vinyl for Life” which entails an exclusive first-edition vinyl of Church’s complete catalog and a copy of every subsequent vinyl release, including all color variants.

A collection of rare items will also be given away as a result of this new technology, such as a signed guitar paired with a digital collectible that grants access to content like guitar lessons from Church’s very own guitarist Driver Williams as well as videos of Church’s guitar performances. Other giveaways offer year-long subscriptions to SiriusXM and a chance to record a guest DJ set at the Chief’s studio as part of Outsiders Radio “Insiders Hour.”

Chief's Interior; Courtesy of Chief's, AJ Capital
Chief’s Interior; Courtesy of Chief’s, AJ Capital

Once The Doors Open, Chief’s Will Belong To The Fans

Church first unveiled plans for the new establishment in early 2022, revealing that it has been named after 2011’s third studio albumChief, and that is being developed in partnership with AJ Capital’s Ben Weprin. From the moment these plans were in place, Church has offered direct input to ensure that the same care and consideration he puts into his music also goes into this project. Once the doors open, he will let all those who enter the building claim it as their own while hopefully creating lasting memories within the six stories.

“My songs are mine, until I release them, and then they’re never mine again. And this building’s a lot that way,” reflects Church. “It’s been mine in the building of it, in the cultivating with the stories, the challenges, and the successes. But once Chief’s opens, it’s not mine anymore. It belongs to the Choir. It belongs to the fans. It belongs to the patrons. It belongs to the stories they create there. It belongs to the music they listen to there and share from there. So, my story ends where theirs begins and that’s the essence of what you do musically and what we’re trying to do at Chief’s.”

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“A Gathering Place For All”

Located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue North and Broadway at 200 Broadway in historic downtown Nashville, Chief’s is dubbed a “gathering place for all.” Not only does it pay homage to his life and career, but it’s also expected to offer fans “an unparalleled entertainment experience in Music City” with a ticketed music venue and additional live entertainment throughout the building. Many decorations will be displayed across the establishment, including over 4,000 concert posters that span the North Carolina’s iconic career. 

One of the most unique aspects of the building is a built-in studio designed for live broadcasting of shows like Eric Church Outsiders Radio on SiriusXM, with the capability to also host broadcasts by various media partners.

When it’s time to grab a bite to eat, Chief’s will tap into the award-winning artist’s Carolina roots with a menu created in partnership with Whole Hog BBQ’s award-winning pitmaster, Rodney Scott. 

The official grand opening date has yet to be revealed, however, the official website has posted a countdown that currently sits at five days.

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