‘The Voice’ Contestants L. Rodgers And Tae Lewis Battle It Out With Jaw-Dropping Duet Of ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore’

Both singers made a huge impact on the coaches.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 19, 2024

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L. Rodgers, Tae Lewis; Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC

L. Rodgers and Tae Lewis joined forces during The Voice Battles on Monday evening to deliver a heart-pumping cover of Carly Pearce and Chris Stapleton’s GRAMMY-nominated duet, “we don’t fight anymore.”

The Artists Proved Their Undeniable Talent

As the two members of Team Reba McEntire appeared on stage, they each brought their undeniable talent and their unique fashion sense. L. Rodgers, an Americana/Soul artist from Baltimore, MD, made a statement with her black, silk corset jumpsuit, rhinestone fishnet sleeves and a tulle/feathered shoulder piece to top it all off. North Carolina native Tae Lewis lit up the stage in an ensemble that matched his persona with mauve colored pants, a matching floral button-down shirt and a wide-brimmed hat. 

Their outfit choices may have been vastly different, but the pair’s vocals effortlessly blended together to create a stunning array of harmonies. They took turns delivering the first verse of the heartbreaking country tune, letting their emotions fill every note like true professional singers. 

Earned A Standing Ovation

L. Rodgers, Tae Lewis; Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC
L. Rodgers, Tae Lewis; Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC

The chorus induced a whole new energy between the artists as they got up from their stools and showed the judges the depth of their skills. This was a performance to remember and the standing ovation from the coaches proved that they were in agreement that Reba McEntire has nabbed two incredible stars for this competition season.  

Even though coach Chance The Rapper was honest about the fact that Chris Stapleton is not an artist he typically listens to, he was still able to appreciate the amount of power that L. and Tae brought to the song. 

He shared, “Tae, your pitch and control was so there the whole time that I just felt like you were leading the song, but L., you were right there with these responding lines. I was just mesmerized. I thought it was top to bottom insane.”

Meanwhile Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay who is very familiar with the tune, recognized the fact that it is in fact “a tough song” to sing. 

“I’ve never heard anyone cover that song and y’all covered the heck out of it,” he admitted. 

“This Is Tough”

The other half of the Double Chair duo, Shay Mooney then chimed in, “L., you just sing with your heart on your sleeve, and I love that so much. Tae, I feel like your runs were just spot on. They were so good. This is tough, really. I guess in conclusion, I have no idea what you should do,” he told coach McEntire who offered a nod in agreement and said “I get it.”

John Legend was last to offer his feedback to the hopeful contestants, but just like his fellow coaches, he admitted he would have a hard time seeing either of them leave the competition after that performance.  

“You’re both just fantastic vocalists. L., your tone is more dramatic and big and it has this space to it. It was gorgeous. And then Tae, your tone is a little more crisp and precise and cuts through in a really cool way. And your range is crazy. If I were to pick, I’m going to go with Tae.”

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Who Took Home The Win For This Round?

After hearing the praise from the five coaches in front of them, L. Rodgers and Tae Lewis anxiously awaited to find out who McEntire would be sending through to the next round. 

The “Fancy” singer began by showing her support and pride for the members of her team.  

“Guys, I’m so proud of y’all. That was absolutely more than I could have wished for. Your emotion, your commitment to the song, your dynamics, everything was perfect,” she said, prompting Rodgers to get teary-eyed. “Whatever happens, you can’t step another foot today without saying ‘we did good.’ Thank you, Lord for helping me through this because y’all did great.”

Then, the time finally came for her to make the final decision. 

“You know I love you both and this is really, really tough. But the person moving on to the knockout rounds is…Tae.”

McEntire later shared further insight into the reason behind her tough decision as she said, “L. versus Tae was incredible. Tae needed to move forward because he’s the country singer, but he’s also very soulful and I think he could sing anything. I think he’s going to do great in the knockout rounds.”

The pair hugged it out in honor of the celebratory moment, before Tae walked off the stage and continued celebrating his recent win.

“My God, I cannot believe I just freaking won,” he said backstage with a big smile. 

Chance Attempts A Steal & McEntire Uses Her “Playoff Pass”

However back on the stage, the excitement wasn’t over yet. Daly reminded the coaches that L. she was officially up for grabs and could be stolen to join any of the other teams, allowing her to move forward in the competition. 

L. shared one last statement before she began walking off stage. She said, “Thank you all so much for letting me share who I am.”

A round of excitement exploded just seconds later when Reba McEntire used her one time “Playoff Pass” to keep Rodgers in the competition. Simultaneously, Chance attempted to steal the female songstress, but as host Carson Daly reminded viewers, a Playoff Pass always overrules a steal. This means L. was officially rejoining Team Reba and had the unique opportunity to skip the knockout rounds and go straight to the playoffs. 

Both Contestants Are Advancing In The Competition

L. Rodgers, Tae Lewis; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC
L. Rodgers, Tae Lewis; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Tae was already off stage when he saw the events unfolding on stage and could be heard shouting “Let’s go! Let’s go!” in support of his duet partner. 

The audience erupted in cheers as L. was clearly overcome with emotion as she went to hug McEntire.

“I only get one playoff pass. I thought L. was worth it. L has a beautiful voice, but it’s not only her voice, it’s her attitude. It’s her stage presence. So she gets to skip the knockout rounds and go straight to the playoffs,” McEntire gushed. 

Chance added, “The fact that the playoff pass trumps the steal makes for fun. Reba crushed my dreams. I still have my steal. I’m honestly looking for somebody that I think really wants it. Everybody in the competition is talented. It’s about the people who can see adversity and decide that they’re just not going for it. I love people that fight here.”

The Voice airs on NBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c

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