Tiffany Woys Details New EP, ‘All About Love’

Tiffany Woys; Photo by Robert Chavers
Tiffany Woys; Photo by Robert Chavers
Tiffany Woys; Photo by Robert Chavers

Rising country star Tiffany Woys just announced that her brand-new EP, All About Love, is set to release on March 18th.

Her current single, “About Love,” will be featured on the album as well as a stunning cover of one of her favorite songs, “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way,” by one of her biggest influences, LeAnn Rimes.

“About Love” was written by Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, and Sam Ellis and serves as the title track to the album. Woys’ new track is already impacting country radio.

Produced by Tammi Kidd Hutton and Ben Phillips, Woys’ upcoming record boasts a tracklist of songs written by some of Nashville’s top songwriters: Hannah Ellis, Tammi Kidd, Sara Haze, Emily Shackelton, John Kennedy, the late busbee, and more.

Newly engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Woys shares, “I have always said I want to sing about love. That means all that comes with it. The good parts, the bad parts and in true country fashion, the sad parts… love is a universal language. It’s a feeling that everyone experiences along with heartbreak. It’s all I’ve really wanted to convey with listeners. I want people to know we are all more related than you think. That’s through love. So now I am releasing six songs that I hope relate to you too. That through love and music you feel a little less alone. This EP is All About Love and I think we can all agree we need more of it!”

Tiffany Woys-All About Love EP
Tiffany Woys-All About Love EP

See below for the All About Love tracklisting:

  1. “About Love” (Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, Sam Ellis)
  2. “Own This Town” (Sam Ellis, Sara Haze, Heather Morgan) 
  3. “Wear It Out” (Tammi Kidd Hutton, Nathan Spicer, Sarah Allison Turner) 
  4. “I Don’t Want You Back” (Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, Jon Mclaughlin)
  5. “I’ll Meet You There” (Emily Shackelton, busbee, Hannah Ellis) 
  6. “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” (Tammi Kidd, John Kennedy)  
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