Travis Denning Hilariously Tackles The Acronym Challenge

Travis Denning has demonstrated his use of acronyms, specifically with his tongue-in-cheek song “ABBY,” short for “Anybody But You.”  So,…


Melinda Lorge

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August 23, 2021


11:18 am

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Travis Denning; Photo by David Bradley

Travis Denning has demonstrated his use of acronyms, specifically with his tongue-in-cheek song “ABBY,” short for “Anybody But You.”  So, Country Now wanted to see just how much the singer/songwriter uses acronyms in his daily life. 

Ahead of his performance at the Brooklyn Bowl Nashville for the Country Now Live Series, the Georgia native tackled the Acronym Challenge, where he had to guess the meanings behind a handful of different abbreviations. Needless to say, he proved that trying to decipher the meaning of short-form words like “AFAIAC” and “GTMA” isn’t all that easy.

In this nearly four-minute clip, Denning kicks off the challenge smoothly, beginning with the letters “BFFL,” short for “Best Friends For Life.” After a flawless start, however, he lands his first mistake with “AAMOF,” which means, “As A Matter Of Fact.” Instead, he guesses the series of letters to mean “As Always, Mother Or Father.”

Denning goes on to list off the acronyms that he recognizes off the top of his head, nailing a few easy ones like “BBL,” which indicates “Be Back Later,” and “SMH,” which means “Shaking My Head.” But, he gets stuck on letters like “BAE” and “BOGOF,” which means “Before Anyone Else” and “Buy One Get One Free,” respectively. Denning also gets flustered when he tries to figure out what “OTP” stands for.

“One-time-password? No, that’s ‘On the phone.’” Denning blurts out giving the letters an alternative meaning after realizing his answer was incorrect. “One-time-password sounds like one of my made-up answers!”

Click on the clip below to watch Denning take on the entire “Acronym Challenge,” and see if you can keep up yourself!

YouTube video

Denning’s “ABBY,” written by Ashley Gorley, Matt Jenkins, and Chase McGill, made waves in 2020, reaching the No. 1 spot on Sirius XM’s Highway Hot 30 and earning over 27 million streams to date. The song appears on Denning’s sophomore project, Dirt Road Down, which dropped on Aug. 6 via Mercury Nashville.

Other songs on the six-track project include the title track, “Call It Country,” “Grew Up With A Truck,” “I Went Fishin,’” and the latest release, “Jack And Coke.”

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