Tyler Rich’s ‘Leave Her Wild’ Is a Fan Favorite

When it was time for Tyler Rich to pick a follow up single to his debut hit “The Difference,” he…


Lauren Jo Black

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June 12, 2019

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Tyler Rich; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

When it was time for Tyler Rich to pick a follow up single to his debut hit “The Difference,” he knew exactly who to turn to: his fans.

He reached out via social media to ask which song they would like to see as his next single and the response was almost unanimous. “Leave Her Wild” became a fan favorite at his live shows, so it was no surprise to Rich that the song was a clear front-runner for the next single.

“You never know quite what a song is going to do until you take it to the streets, you take it to the shows,” the California native explains. “And we started playing it live, and every single night it is just our showstopper, of songs people don’t know of at least. And I’ll get messages all day, every day – ‘When are you gonna release ‘Leave Her Wild’? When are you gonna record it? We want it and we want it now.’ And so now to finally record it and get to release it we are so excited.”

The song, which Rich co-wrote alongside Chris DeStefano and Jon Nite, was inspired by Rich’s fiancée, actress/model Sabina Gadecki. Seeing his fans relate to the song has been a dream come true for the rising star.

“Sabina is truly the inspiration, but it’s cool to see how fans are already connecting out on the road,” he shares. “I wrote this song about truly loving somebody for who they are and not trying to change them. So many times, we have our own ideas about how someone should be living their life, rather than just supporting them for who and what they are. If you’re gonna love her … leave her wild.”

Fans can catch Rich on the road playing various fairs and country festivals throughout the summer.

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