WATCH: ‘American Idol’ Alum Janelle Arthur Questions ‘What Would Dolly Do’ In New Video

The new video features Arthur’s friends and social media influencers, Cassidy Michelle and Leah Ryder.


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August 18, 2022


7:48 am

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Photo Courtesy Janelle Arthur

Up-and-coming country artist Janelle Arthur released the new music video for her current single, “What Would Dolly Do.” 

Featuring monumental moments many people dream of, the visual captures everything from Arthur frolicking around a small town, to seeing the title of her song hung on a theater marquee, to standing on the iconic wooden circle at the Grand Ole Opry.

YouTube video

“When you think about Dolly Parton, you not only think about her big hair and high heels, but you also think about her love for people and simply “doing good” in the world. Although it’s fun and clever, this song and video give a deeper meaning to the phrase ‘What Would Dolly Do.,” Arthur shared.

With clever lyrics hinting back to the legendary Dolly Parton herself, some of the lyrics include:

“And if I tease my hair, put rhinestones everywhere

Are people gonna stare? Maybe so

But what would Dolly do?

I’m just over here trying to

Take what God gave me and make it bigger

Yeah, I’m just trying to hang with her

No one’s perfect I know, but I’d say she’s pretty close

So, when I ask myself how I should be I ask

What would Dolly do”

The video also features the American Idol alum’s friends – and social media influencers – Cassidy Michelle (@justclassicallycassidy) and Leah Ryder (@leah_geee).

“I was so excited for social media influencers Cassidy Michelle and Leah Ryder to be a part of this music video and tribute. Much like the Country Queen, they are known for the beauty, realness and positivity they bring to the world,” she added.

Directed by Natalie Simmons for Scutny Productions, the video was filmed around several spots in Lebanon, TN – including the Capitol theater where Natasha Neely, a friend of Janelle’s and Dolly impersonator, helped bring the video to life. Causing quite a stir in the town, many people believed Dolly herself was hanging around Main Street!

At only 8 years old, Arthur got her start portraying a young Dolly in a live production of her life story. Arthur was moved by Parton’s constant, unending kindness over the years and wanted to express her thanks, and what better way to do that than in a song? So she sat down with co-writer Brett Sheroky and wrote the fun-filled new single, “What Would Dolly Do?” The tune is a perfect homage to the legend, who has touched so many lives in so many ways and made them better. 

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