WATCH: Drew Baldridge Makes History with First-Ever Gender Reveal On the Grand Ole Opry Stage

Rising country singer/songwriter Drew Baldridge made history over the weekend with the first-ever gender reveal on the Grand Ole Opry…


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June 6, 2022

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Drew Baldridge, Wife, Katherine; Photos Courtesy Drew Baldridge, Grand Ole Opry

Rising country singer/songwriter Drew Baldridge made history over the weekend with the first-ever gender reveal on the Grand Ole Opry stage. 

The Illinois native was joined by his wife, Katherine (Katie), on the hallowed stage as they prepared to learn whether they were expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. 

Situated next to the couple was a block box adorned with pink and blue hearts. A larger heart in the middle read, ‘it’s a ?’

Baldridge made his way to the center of the stage to open the box and out came two blue balloons.   

“We’re having a boy,” the soon-to-be-father exclaimed. 

Following the show, Baldridge returned to his dressing room where he said, “We just got to reveal our baby gender from the stage, which was awesome. We’re so excited to have a little boy.” 

He also shared his excitement over the opportunity to perform his new single.  

“It was amazing to play my very first single off my brand new project coming later this year. It’s called ‘Little Bit,’ ya’ll go check it out.”

Before the Opry video cut off he added, “I am so excited that I’m having a little boy. I got a fishing buddy! How crazy is this?” 

The on-stage gender reveal took place just days after the couple shared their pregnancy news in an exclusive with People

 “Katie took a test the night before I was going out on tour, and she didn’t expect to get a positive result. She screamed my name upstairs and came downstairs holding the test and we both about fell over with shock and excitement,” Baldridge recalled.

He later shared the moment with fans via Instagram. Click to watch. 

Drew and Katherine wed in May of 2021. Adding to their family has always been in the plan, he admits this pregnancy was a bit “unexpected.” 

“We started talking about starting a family and a life together, and we knew we needed to take this next step so we could make that happen,” Baldridge told People. “Katie makes me a better man. She reminds me to put others first and to love with a bigger heart. I really can’t picture my life without her anymore and I know if she wasn’t in it, I’d feel empty.” 

His latest single, “Little Bit” was co-written by Baldridge with Matt McKinney, Andy Sheridan, Ben Williams and produced by Chris DeStefano. 

The tune is an ode to small-town life, which is something Drew Baldridge can certainly relate to. 

“I might be biased coming from a town with a population of just 600 people, but I think that there is something special about being raised in a small-town environment,” said Baldridge. “‘Little Bit’ is my way of honoring my upbringing and acknowledging the influence it has on me today.”

Click HERE to stream “Little Bit.”

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