WATCH: Huntergirl Owns The Stage with ‘Spectacular’ Cover Of Carrie Underwood Hit On ‘Idol’

Huntergirl returned to the American Idol stage on Sunday with a thrilling performance of one of Carrie Underwood’s biggest hits,…


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May 15, 2022

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Huntergirl; Photo by ABC, American Idol

Huntergirl returned to the American Idol stage on Sunday with a thrilling performance of one of Carrie Underwood’s biggest hits, “Undo It.” 

Ahead of her show-stopping number, Huntergirl had the opportunity to sit down with American Idol champ Carrie Underwood at Resorts World Las Vegas, the home to her Las Vegas Residency, Reflection. 

Huntergirl with Carrie Underwood; Photo via Instagram
Huntergirl with Carrie Underwood; Photo via Instagram

“This is the most nervous I’ve ever been, getting to meet her,” Huntergirl admitted. “Here we go, I am about to sing a Carrie Underwood song to Carrie Underwood.”

She went on to explain how Underwood has been a longtime inspiration to her. “Watching Carrie Underwood’s journey from American Idol and then into country music gave me hope that I could have dreams and I can chase after something and she’s what led me to American Idol” 

While working through the song together, Underwood taught Huntergirl the secret to doing her signature strut. 

“HunterGirl is going to bring the sass,” Underwood gushed before Huntergirl confessed, “It felt so empowering just to get to stand next to her, somebody I looked up to my entire life and how much she’s done for country music.”

Sporting a black romper with silver fringe, Huntergirl commanded the Idol stage as she belted out the lyrics to Underwood’s “Undo It.” The Tennessee native confidently pranced around the stage in silver cowboy boots throughout the performance, once again proving she is an entertainer and a vocalist. 

Her performance earned roaring applause from the audience and praise from the Idol judges. 

“Oh my goodness. Wait a minute. That was exactly what she told you to do,” Lionel Richie said referencing the advice Huntergirl received from Underwood. “There is nothing better than owning the stage. You take the crowd, you take them with you. It was spectacular. Congratulations!” 

Katy Perry was equally impressed and even went as far as saying it was Huntergirl’s best performance yet. 

“You sound just as much of a star standing still as you do moving around, but when you move around, you engage us. You’ve invited us to your party and that was a party that was hands-down the best performance you have ever done,” she exclaimed. “You are a superstar!” 

Huntergirl; Photo by ABC, American Idol
Huntergirl; Photo by ABC, American Idol

“Way to get inspired by Carrie Underwood. To sit there and spend that time with her, to see what coming on this show, starting your career on this show and what it’s done for her… And then for you to… I don’t know, you were everywhere! It was amazing,” Luke Bryan told her.

“Undo It” was co-written by Underwood alongside Kara DioGuardi, Marti Frederiksen and Luke Laird. The chart-topping hit was first performed by Underwood on the American Idol finale in 2010 and is featured on her album, Play On. 

Later in the show, Huntergirl reflected on her life and road to American Idol before delivering an emotional performance of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” 

Huntergirl ultimately earned enough votes to secure a spot in the Top 3 alongside Noah Thompson and Leah Marlene. The trio will advance to the finale, which will air on Sunday, May 22.

Listen to “Red Bird,” Huntergirl’s debut single, HERE.

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