WATCH: Luke Bryan Hilariously Trolls Blake Shelton From The Stage

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have been friends for well over a decade and take every chance they get to…


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July 12, 2022

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Luke Bryan; Photo by ABC, Blake Shetlon; Photo by NBC

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have been friends for well over a decade and take every chance they get to tease each other. 

Whether they are joking about their rival shows, American Idol and The Voice, their bars on Broadway, Luke’s 32 Bridge and Ole Red, or their music, their quips are all in good fun. 

Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton; Photo by Trae Patton, NBC
Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton; Photo by Trae Patton, NBC

Bryan recently took a shot at Shelton during his headlining engagement at Resorts World in Sin City, “Luke Bryan: Vegas” when he sat down at a grand piano to sing the song “Home.” 

“Well, that’s a Michael Bublè song that Blake stole,” the Georgia native joked. 

As he continued to sing, Bryan mistakenly sang the wrong lyrics and quipped, “I don’t know Blake’s sh–t, y’all sing it.” 

The audience joined together for a singalong before Bryan took a final dig at his good friend. 

“I don’t know two Blake Shelton songs,” he said, adding, “Oh, um, what’s a good Blake Shelton song? There isn’t one!”


I need everyone to tag @Blake Shelton. This was the funniest part of the concert and clearly @LukeBryan had too much to drink! #lukebryanconcert #blakeshelton #vegas #momstrip2022

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Bryan and Shelton’s ongoing feud keeps fans laughing as they are constantly trolling each other online and during interviews. 

Last summer, Blake Shelton joked that fans wearing Luke Bryan merch are not allowed in his Ole Red Restaurants. 

“Oh really? Well, I’ll just invite those fans to come on over to Luke’s 32 Bridge right there at 301 Broadway,” Bryan joked with CMT host Cody Alan, responding to Shelton. 

Shelton also joked about Bryan being on TikTok.

“It doesn’t surprise me that has one of those TikTok accounts, he is one of the most immature grown men I’ve ever met in my life,” Shelton said, laughing. ”So, he probably is on there doing the dances and still trying to learn how to ride a skateboard from TikTok. All the stuff that 13-year-old kids are doing on there. It does not surprise me in the least.”

Bryan later reacted to Shelton poking fun at his TikTok antics.

“Well, you know what, that’s what keeps me looking like this and that’s why Blake looks like an old dried-up curmudgeon,” Bryan said. 


#Friends or #frienemies 🤔 Take a moment to appreciate these two on #InternationalFriendshipDay 🤣 #lukebryan #blakeshelton @lukebryan @blakeshelton

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Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are longtime friends and in the years 2013, 2014, and 2015, the pair took their comedy center stage when they co-hosted the ACM Awards.

Sharing playing banter and shooting jokes back and forth for three consecutive years, including the ACM Awards’ milestone 50th anniversary, the duo truly has a bromance like no other; So much so, fans nicknamed the pair “Bluke.”

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