Kameron Marlowe Sets Release Date For Long-Awaited Debut Album, ‘We Were Cowboys’

Kameron Marlowe has taken the country music world by storm and he is ready to begin the next chapter of his…


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July 12, 2022


3:14 pm

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Kameron Marlowe; Photo by Angelea Presti

Kameron Marlowe has taken the country music world by storm and he is ready to begin the next chapter of his blossoming career with the release of his debut album.

The rising star recently announced that his debut project, We Were Cowboys, will be released on August 26. The 16-track project was produced by CMA and ACM Award-winning Dann Huff and GRAMMY-nominated Brad Hill.

“Pound for pound, Kameron Marlowe is one of the best singers I’ve ever worked with in my career as a musician,” added producer Huff. “He’s intuitive well beyond his years and his writing is both honest and clever. Truly a force to be reckoned with, he is a bright new light in country music!”

Kameron Marlowe; We Were Cowboys
Kameron Marlowe; We Were Cowboys

“I’ve been working on this project for the better part of two years, and I’ve lived a lot of life in that time,” shared Marlowe. “This album encapsulates it all – nostalgia, romance, heartbreak, and everything in between. I couldn’t be prouder of this project, and I’m incredibly excited for fans to get a deeper look at who I am through these songs.”

“We Were Cowboys,” the title track of the album, is released and available for listening below. The track was written by Marlowe alongside Wyatt McCubbin and hitmaker Tyler Farr. The ballad embraces the nostalgia and freedom that comes along with growing up.

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“We were cowboys/ Runnin’ like wild horses that couldn’t be tamed/ We were cowboys/ Didn’t know nothin’ but we knew everything,” Marlowe sings on the chorus.

We Were Cowboys is available for pre-order HERE.

See the full track listing below.

1.   We Were Cowboys(*Kameron Marlowe, Wyatt McCubbin, Tyler Farr)

2.   Country Boy’s Prayer(*Casey Beathard, Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell)

3.   Girl On Fire(*Kameron Marlowe, Jason Gantt, Josh Osborne)

4.   Giving You Up(*Kameron Marlowe)

5.   Does It Have to Be Over (*Kameron Marlowe, Josh Hoge, Wyatt McCubbin)

6.   This Old Town(*Kameron Marlowe, Tyler Farr, Wyatt McCubbin)

7.   Money Ain’t $hit(*Casey Beathard, Brice Long, Shane Minor)

8.   Fool Me Again(*Kameron Marlowe, Rob Williford, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)

9.   Burn ‘Em All(*Kameron Marlowe, Brinley Addington, Joey Hyde, Aaron Eshuis)

10.   Steady Heart(*Kameron Marlowe, Jessi Alexander, Dan Isbell)

11.   Over Now(*Tucker Beathard, Jake Mitchell)

12.   Saying Goodbye(*Carson Chamberlain, Wyatt McCubbin, Mark Nesler)

13.   Ain’t Enough Whiskey (*Kameron Marlowe, John Pierce, Dan Isbell)

14.   Runnin’ Out On You(*Alex Maxwell, Dawson Edwards, Liam Stolly)

15.   Granny’s Got a Garden(For G’maw Jan)(*Kameron Marlowe, Rob Williford, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)

16.   Long Way Down(*C. Michael Spriggs, Craig Wiseman)

*songwriting credits

Songs 4 and 9 produced by Brad Hill; All others produced by Dann Huff

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