WATCH: Tenille Townes Releases Music Video For ‘Shared Walls’ Featuring BRELAND

Two-time ACM Awards winner Tenille Townes recently released the music video for “Shared Walls,” a duet featuring buzzed-about country newcomer…


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July 12, 2022


3:54 pm

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Tenille Townes, BRELAND; Photo via YouTube

Two-time ACM Awards winner Tenille Townes recently released the music video for “Shared Walls,” a duet featuring buzzed-about country newcomer BRELAND.

The poignant track is included on Townes’ latest EPMasquerades.

“Shared Walls” blends the artists’ powerful vocals together beautifully and is one of the most relatable songs on the project.

“’Shared Walls’ is a song about neighbors. And I wrote this with my friends, Wrabel and Eric. And we were all in our respective apartments, sharing walls with the people around us in our lives. And just kind of talking about how that was feeling, you know, during the shutdown, where we were all home so much,” Townes recently explained. “And it also kind of came from thinking about how much closer I felt to neighbors around the whole world during that time. You know, it was like, you’re reading stories about people singing in the streets in Italy, you know, out their windows and feeling like there are neighbors to like, we’re all going through something similar and as hard and horrible and dark.”

She went on to recognize that while recent times have been tough, some beautiful moments have come out of the darkness.

“As so much of the past couple years have been I think that there have been some exceptionally beautiful moments of humanity where we felt closer than we maybe ever have, going through this collectively as a whole world. So I wanted to capture the spirit of that in this song and working on it in the studio,” she said.

While in the studio, Townes envisioned “Shared Walls” as a duet and decided to call in BRELAND to join her on the track.

“He has such a joyful spirit about him. And I think his perspective is so important in the scene of music right now. And I really just admire how much versatility he has to his music. I feel like his show is just going to be so incredible to watch through the years because he’s gonna have everybody in the crowd jumping and rocking and then he’ll be able to just like hold them in the palm of his hands and and sing in the most beautiful way,” Townes shared. “When I got his vocal back from, we sent out the stems and got it back with his verse on it. It just gave me goosebumps was like wow, this sort of sweeter side to his voice is something I hadn’t heard yet and it made me so happy to hear that on this song.”

YouTube video

Recently, Townes announced she will be kicking off her “Same Road Home Club Tour” in Omaha, NE on October 6th. The 11-date conclude on November 13th in Ottawa, ON. For more information, click here.

Townes released her soulful Masquerades EP last spring. The vulnerability of this project is something Townes plans to continue in future releases.

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