WATCH: Luke Combs Teases Stadium Tour In Just-Released ‘Doin’ This’ Music Video

Newly crowned CMA Entertainer of The Year, Luke Combs, shocked country music fans at The 55th Annual CMA Awards on…


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November 10, 2021


11:51 pm

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Luke Combs; Doin This

Newly crowned CMA Entertainer of The Year, Luke Combs, shocked country music fans at The 55th Annual CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov. 10) by performing a vulnerable unreleased track called “Doin’ This” at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

Leading up to the surprise – the hitmaker kept his plans on the down-low but took to social media to let fans know that he would be dropping a fresh potential chart-topping banger. “What’s up guys, Luke here. I asked you all earlier this week if you would want maybe to hear a new song on the CMAs. It seems like you all are really interested in that. So, we’re going to do that… we’re going to play a brand new song, never been heard before, and never been played before,” he shared.

Luke Combs; Photo Courtesy ABC
Luke Combs; Photo Courtesy ABC

As soon as he began his heartfelt ballad, the audience quickly wrapped their head around the underlining meaning behind the lyrics. With the power of music, Combs acknowledges his success as an artist. However, he shared that if he didn’t reach stardom in the country music space, he would still chase his dream and hone in on his craft.

“I’d be feelin’ on fire/ On a hardwood stage/ Bright lights like lightning running through my veins/ At the Grand Ole Opry or a show in some no-name town/I’d still be doin’ this/ if I wasn’t doing this,” he sang on the chorus. “It ain’t about the fame/ it ain’t about the fortune/ it ain’t about the name/ it ain’t about the glory/ I guess I’m sayin’ it’s always been about/ Having a Friday night crowd in the palm of my hand/ Cup of brown liquor/couple buddies in a band/Singin’ them same damn songs like I am now.” 

YouTube video

Shortly after the flawless performance that received a standing ovation – the unreleased track immediately hit streaming platforms, and his music video made its way onto YouTube. The visual takes the audience behind the scenes and gives them a taste of what the production is like while filming a motion picture. 

To kick off the reminiscent video, the director told Combs that he would be asking a couple of questions. The very first question was, “If you could be doing anything, what would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?” That simple remark unlocked a memory within Combs, and he started to recall a time when a journalist asked him the very same question during an interview.

The rest of the music video, walks fans through what it was like pursuing a career in music and trying to make a name for himself within the competitive world of entertainment. In true Luke Combs fashion, the award-winning musician subtly drops easter eggs.

Luke Combs; Photo Courtesy CMA

Within just over four minutes, Combs teased a stadium tour and the artists that will be joining him out on the road. “I’m bringing everybody that played tonight out with me. Brought out Drew, brought out Ray, and I have one person left, to bring out,” the lower third read on the TV Screen – referring to his co-writers he recognized at the CMA Awards. He continued to share his story and announced the very last man that would be embarking on his next journey.

He’s talented/ he cares about other people/ and he helped me when he didn’t have to/ and that is something that I will never forget/ his name is Adam Church,” he revealed in front of a roaring crowd.

Adam Church is a close friend who attended Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, with Combs. The megastar has a rich history of leaving fans speechless with sudden surprises, as he left hints about upcoming projects in his successful video for “Cold As You” back in August.

As fans wait patiently for Combs to drop more information about his stadium tour, they can appreciate the new track “Doin’ This,” which serves as a preview to his upcoming collection. 

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