WATCH: Old Dominion and Megan Moroney’s Powerful ‘Can’t Break Up Now’ Music Video Captures the Realities of Life on the Road

The music video comes hot on the heels of the band’s just-released album.


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October 6, 2023


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Old Dominion with Megan Moroney; Photo Provided

Megan Moroney and Old Dominion’s lead singer Matthew Ramsey star in a brand-new music video for their collaborative song, “Can’t Break Up Now.” 

The band first shipped their relatable song featuring vocals by the “Tennessee Orange” singer to country radio on August 18, when it became No. 1 most added upon impact. Now, they have tapped longtime visual director Mason Allen and female director Nicki Fletcher to create an accompanying music video that brings the tune’s tension-filled narrative to life.  

Sulty Duet Comes To Life

The clip opens with Moroney sitting in her dressing room in front of the well-lit vanity mirrors and red roses planted in front of her as she begins the first lines of opening verse. The screen then flips to Ramsey who’s seen staring longingly out the window of what appears to be a tour bus. He picks up where Moroney left off and continues reflecting on all the reasons why their characters feel ending the relationship would be more difficult than staying together in a state of unhappiness. 

“You know the color of my coffee / Too many T-shirts in my closet that you bought me / At this point, I can’t unlearn the things you’ve taught me / About myself,” Moroney delivers before Ramsey joins in to sing, “You pick the music when I’m drivin’ / Your mama always takes my side when you fight me / And these days, my dog likes you more than he likes me / You can just tell.”

Both artists turn their gaze directly into the camera as they deliver the heavy chorus line, “So we / Can’t break up now / No, we / Can’t break up now.”

As the tempo picks up, the setting shifts from backstage to Moroney on the stage and Ramsey contemplating their future from the seats of the audience. Slowly, they make their way to the stage, joining the rest of the members of Old Dominion and end the video with a full-blown performance equipped with bright lights and a string of glazed harmonies.


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They Didn’t Want The Music Video To Be “Literal”

Ramsey recently explained that instead of executing the literal storyline through the music video, they took it from the perspective of two artists experiencing the grave longlines and struggles of trying to make a relationship work while living life on the road. 

“We didn’t want to be literal,” Ramsey shared in a statement, “but we also didn’t want to throw away the obvious part of the song: these two people share way too much to just walk away from it. They love the music, the performing, but the exhaustion of the traveling and loneliness of the road makes them need to remember.”

“It’s why we thought it would be cool to bring in Nicki,” he added of the video’s female director. “She understands the woman’s perspective, so she could create those moments for Megan where you see how isolated she is, how much she gives up to be out there, doing it.”

Geoff Sprung, bassist/vocalist for the 13x platinum and two additional gold-certified band, shared another important note when discussing the video. He stressed the fact that instead of trying to bring out their acting skills, the band simply got to do what they do best, which is showcasing the power of music through their performances. 

“We got to have the band play in a way that made sense,” Sprung added. “Everyone got to be who they are, doing what they do – and it wasn’t some concept, it was us being a band. That’s always the best way to be in a music video.”

Old Dominion; Can't Break Up Now
Old Dominion; Can’t Break Up Now

Climbing The Charts At Country Radio Now

Co-written by members Ramsey and Trevor Rosen with songwriters Emily Weisband and Tofer Brown, “Can’t Break Up Now” features Moroney matching the group’s warm tone with her soft, feathered delivery. Together, the country stars find themselves going back and forth, trying to untangle the web of romance they’ve created as they realize they may be in too deep to ever back out. 

With the addition of Moroney’s subtle vocals, Old Dominions gives listeners a glimpse into the reality of relationships by showcasing how some couples find it to be easier to stay together even if they may not be especially happy. In doing so, they don’t have to deal with starting all over with another person, separating their friend groups, or unlistening to all the songs that remind them of each other. 

“Megan’s a really intuitive singer,” Ramsey previously shared via a press release, “but she’s also a very smart songwriter – and she came at this song from what was being said, how the melody actually rises and winds around itself. It kind of blew our minds when we heard how she leaned into it.”

Moroney also commented on the fact that although she didn’t have a hand in writing the song, she felt immediately drawn to the relatable storyline. 

“The melody was infectious and it’s not like anything I’ve ever put out and ’ve been a fan of Old Dominion for a while & I’m really excited to be featured on this!”

Old Dominion with Megan Moroney; Photo Provided
Old Dominion with Megan Moroney; Photo Provided

New Album Available Now

The new music video comes hot on the heels of the release of Old Dominion’s new Memory Lane album. The project serves as an extension of their January sampler and early summer EP of the same name. 

“We always knew this was going to be a full album,” member Matthew Ramsey explained, “But we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to absorb it completely. Over the years, we’ve developed a conversation with fans, bad days, big moments, I’d like to think our songs make both better. We wanted to make an album that takes our songs and looks a little deeper into what happens between two people. Just because it’s deep, though, it doesn’t mean the music can’t feel good.”

The full-length, 18-track project includes previously released fan favorites such as “I Should Have Married You,” “Easier Said With Rum,” “Ain’t Got A Worry,” the title track, “Memory Lane,” and more. 

Within their fifth studio album, Old Dominion continues to celebrate the success of “Memory Lane” as it racked up the most points by a duo or group in a single week and the most spins in a single week by a duo or group, earning the band their ninth No. 1 hit

On top of these tunes, the award-winning band introduces a set of new songs that celebrate the joy of living while diving deeper into the pond of reflection and self-realization.

“These songs are everyone else’s once we release them,” Ramsey explained in a recent statement. “We want there to be room for whoever’s going through it, so our attitude about videos is to not make it about us. We know we’re the source, but it’s really more about creating a sense of the feelings…”

“Some songs evolve, changing incrementally,” added keyboardist/guitarist/accordion man Trevor Rosen. “Our sound’s the result of five individuals listening to each other and playing what comes naturally — like a flock of birds. With each song, we have our own mental concept of what the song is at its essence, but obviously with a shared vision. Whatever comes through us, through our instruments, that’s the fusion of our musical DNA.”

The Project Also Features Blake Shelton

In addition to Moroney, another superstar name appears on the track list – Blake Shelton. As a fan of the band, Shelton was tapped to record a new rendition of the feel-good anthem, “Ain’t Got A Worry.” 

“When Blake started talking about us,” Ramsey explains, “it was a little surreal. But it was also cool. Trevor had co-written ‘Sangria,’ which was a big hit for him, so it wasn’t completely crazy to ask him to join us on a track. We sent some songs over, and he picked ‘Ain’t Got A Worry.’”

“Funny thing is: if we’d really looked at the songs, of course, he did. That’s exactly how Blake lives,” he joked, referring to Shelton’s laid-back spirit. 

On Tour Now

Old Dominion is currently in the midst of their extended No Bad Vibes Tour. This new leg of shows kicked off September 7 and features over 30 additional arenas nationwide. They will wrap up their continental U.S. tour at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena in December.

The band is next scheduled to perform tonight in Greeneville, SC before heading to Atlanta, GA on Oct. 7.  

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